TSTT brews fresh tech for Carib

Anton Romany of TSTT, Rishi Ramnarine, Ian Galt CIO Ansa McAL, Lessa Murally CFO Carib, Rakesh Goswami, Kirt Seuchan-Carib, Stuart Franco and Edison Thomas of TSL
Anton Romany of TSTT, Rishi Ramnarine, Ian Galt CIO Ansa McAL, Lessa Murally CFO Carib, Rakesh Goswami, Kirt Seuchan-Carib, Stuart Franco and Edison Thomas of TSL

“The most important thing that you did was to earn our trust and that’s priceless because the next time we have to make a judgment call that could be a very important tipping point,” said Ian Galt, the Chief Information Officer for the ANSA McAl Group

blink | bmobile managed a successful infrastructure upgrade for sister companies Carib Brewery Trinidad Ltd (Carib) and Caribbean Glassworks Limited (CGL) in March 2015.

Carib had an outdated infrastructure and the resulting issues were affecting both Carib Brewery and Carib Glass, with over 500 users on the network.

The project was completed within time and under budget, and the technical and operational expectations of the client were exceeded. A grateful Galt also said “When you have enjoyed an exceptional level of service as we did, I think it means a lot to say that. I am delighted that I can say that we made the right call to work with blink | bmobile on this project. Thank you. You delivered.”

A team from blink | bmobile, Trinidad Systems Limited (TSL) and Vibrant Technologies worked on resolving the technical problems being experienced by Carib. TSL was subcontracted to install the fibre and blink | bmobile did the integration and configuration.

Vibrant Technologies was the project manager for Carib. Kirt Seuchan, Carib Brewery’s IT Manager explained how important the project was to Carib. “The previous infrastructure we had in place was a flat network. It was really hampering our connectivity and the reliability of the services we provided. The problem was serious.”

Seuchan echoed Galt’s commendations and said “Honestly I feel a sense of relief now that the new network is in place. blink | bmobile has done an excellent job. The project was handled as flawlessly as you could imagine and throughout the project there was no downtime at all. We have no issues with the new network. Its 100% faster than the old network and in terms of reliability and service to our users, we are seeing a big difference. Our users are pretty happy.”

Carib Brewery Trinidad Ltd and Carib Glassworks Ltd employ manufacturing procedures that meet international quality and environmental standards.

Colin Syriac, Business Systems Solutions Engineer at blink | bmobile team worked on the infrastructure upgrade. His role was to ensure that the infrastructure was properly built and within the required standards and spoke about his experience working on the project

“This was a manufacturing environment and Carib placed a lot of emphasis on health and safety.” However Syriac shared that this made the project rewarding and challenging, “The project was a learning experience which I enjoyed because the customer’s expectations were fulfilled.”

Rishi Ramnarine of Vibrant Technology expanded. He said “I was hired to project manage Carib’s side of things. blink | bmobile and Carib worked well as a team. We had no incidents at all and there were no work interruptions. I am extremely thankful for this.”

“Carib is using the final solution and everybody is happy. So I think that overall the project was a great success.”

Rakesh Goswami, Executive Vice President Strategic Alliance, Enterprise & Tobago Operations at TSTT thanked Carib for placing their trust in blink | bmobile for such an important project and congratulated everyone who worked on the project. Goswami noted, “Carib now has a Bugatti or a Rolls Royce of telecom installed. Enjoy it. Drive it hard. It will serve you well in your future endeavours.”