Schneider Electric on power outages

APC UPS system.  Photo courtesy Schneider Electric
APC UPS system.
Photo courtesy Schneider Electric

In response to the presence of several tropical storms affecting the Caribbean region in the last few weeks, Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management, stresses the need to take measures and ensure power supply during a natural disaster.

The presence of tropical storms Danny and Erika, urge for a wake-up call to which Schneider Electric has responded by providing consumers with products that ensure power supply and, therefore, facilitating businesses with the opportunity to continue to operate in the midst of any disaster.

“Schneider Electric proposes effective ways to maintain the continuity of power supply in times of ceaseless rain, storms and hurricanes, both for businesses and for homes. Our products are specifically designed to reduce losses and inconveniences that occur in thousands of homes, businesses and offices during power outages, a norm in the Caribbean during this time of year,” said Hector Martinez, Manager of Business Development at Schneider Electric Latin America.

With the reliable Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) system available through the legendary brand APC by Schneider Electric, not only is the equipment being protected, but also readily available energy is being provided during a major power outage.

Schneider Electric encourages everyone to have a disaster recovery plan in place for long-term power outages. For businesses, it is strongly recommended to craft a plan that will fit the recovery needs specific to the unique organization:

  • Involve managers in the areas of Operations, Security, Maintenance and IT to define the critical operational phases that must continue running during the disaster recovery process
  • Know the total amount of power drawn by equipment used in critical day-to-day operations in order to establish a power supply system that will guarantee business continuity during power outages
  • Agree on the length of time the equipment needs to run when powered by the power supply so that alternative solutions can be considered, such as a generator or power inverter

The primary goal of any disaster recovery plan is to help the organization maintain its business continuity, minimize damage, and prevent loss.

Schneider Electric offers APC units through local retailers Courts, The Wizz and PRW.

The company offers web resources for users interested in building a profile of their needs at the APC Product Wizard and the Online UPS selector.