Samsung extends SmartSkills programme

Children and teenagers between the ages of 5 and 14 years old are benefiting from the Samsung Smart Skills program, launched in 2016, which the company is promoting in some Latin American countries.

This year, Costa Rica, Panama, Honduras, Nicaragua, Guatemala and El Salvador had local editions of the initiative. Held in partnership with Glasswing International, the project aims to foster the development of students’ skills and competences using technology and information through pedagogical and technological resources.

Smart Skills has a portfolio of activities ranging from English clubs, robotics and communication to competitions and conferences, which are passed on to students in a playful way with Samsung tablets, laptops and Smart TVs. At the start of the program, students are faced with fun lessons, where technological tools allow learning motivated by creativity.

“The inclusion of 21st century skills into our current Corporate Citizenship programs in the region will be an important contribution to enhance students learning process in preparation for their lives and careers,” explains Helvio Kanamaru, Latin America Corporate Citizenship Senior Manager at Samsung Electronics. “This new initiative reinforces our commitment to innovation and education in the region.”

Teachers from the Smart Skills participating schools also benefit from the courses through professionalization and capacity development in order to improve students education and prepare them for the future. This proposal is based on “21st Century Skills”, a set of practices and competences that students must develop to succeed in work and life in the information age.

The Samsung Smart Skills strategy involves volunteers, students and teachers engaged in extracurricular activities such as tutoring, practice and training in different areas. By 2017, the program will continue to contribute to different schools throughout the region, with this format of activities that sparks interest in learning, breaking down generational barriers, and teaching young people how to achieve their goals as a team.

“As an active and responsible member in local communities, Samsung strives to contribute to society and provide opportunities in Latin America via its Corporate Citizenship programs focused on Education”, said Helvio Kanamaru.