Rincón on Microsoft advantages

Taking control of our digital life

Hernán Rincón. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay.
Hernán Rincón. Photograph by Mark Lyndersay.

An OP-ED opinion piece on the advantages of Microsoft’s software ecosystem offered by Hernán Rincón, President of Microsoft Latin America

While our daily life is already filled with technology, when it comes down to the habits of managing it, we are still in the early stages.  According to Aristotle, “Good habits formed at youth make all the difference.” This is the time to take control by integrating habits and making our digital lives safer and fuller.

In this world, where the cloud and mobility come first, in order to work, be informed and be entertained, the cloud plays a huge part in our digital lives.  We want to help every person and every organisation do more and achieve more.  Our interaction with technology must be done in a way that benefits us. Here are four habits that we promote at Microsoft: privacy, security, openness and mobility.


Privacy should not be optional.  From our location to our documents, photos, videos and more, nowadays we share our information online at every moment.  We must be aware and never lose control when deciding with whom we want to share our information and how it can be used by others.

Individuals and companies must control the management and protection of our data regardless of the device, service or platform we use. Our data is ours.

Our privacy should not be the price we pay for using online services.  The services we use must be transparent and clear about their policies. And as users, we should make it a point to be aware and understand them.


Along with privacy, comes the security of our information. Our personal data is a valuable asset for cybercriminals who can wreak havoc if they were to gain access to our information and use it unauthorised.

The services and platforms we use must offer secure and reliable experiences in order to minimise the risks lurking in this digital age.

Using legitimate software and updating it regularly can substantially reduce risks. Users and companies should opt for secure solutions and programmes that have regular security updates, along with data centres that are ever more protected.

We must adopt better practices such as having stronger, more secure passwords, using good habits when browsing the Internet to avoid falling into scams, being informed about malware and identity theft, using software to protect our devices and using trustworthy platforms.


The industry must be committed to openness. Only then will users get more out of technology, regardless of the choice that best suits their needs.  As platforms and standards become more transparent, we will be able to have more convenient and efficient services.

We believe the industry should provide customers with choices and opportunities to build bridges between technologies in heterogeneous environments, which translates into both operational and cost benefits for individuals as well as businesses.

Users should seek, embrace, and support companies with clear outlines of interoperability and openness.


We should make mobility a habit.  Today, our personal and professional lives are intertwined.  People and businesses should take advantage of the services offered by the cloud, allowing the use of applications and tools from anywhere, regardless of the device or platform used.

This habit converges with the others.  A private, open and secure scenario in the cloud, results in a mobile and full digital life, with freedom of choice, agility and flexibility, which translates into higher productivity.

Privacy, security, openness and mobility should be habits that we integrate into our daily digital lives. It is up to us to take control of it.  We encourage the industry, governments and organisations to join in promoting these habits and to act accordingly.