Pinaka Technology introduces Kiuwan, a code QA tool

Taking note of the push in the Caribbean region towards software development on mobile platforms, the issue of efficiency and security of software come immediately to mind.  How do you check your code and assure your clients and their customers that your code is safe?

Pinaka Technology Solutions is proud to announce partnership with Optimyth to bring their code Quality Assurance tool, Kiuwan to the Caribbean region.  

Kiuwan can improve your software development life cycle management by providing you with metrics on code quality, efficiency, security etc. It can also give you views of the effort to remediate problems found at the individual project level as well as at the portfolio management level.  You can see more via this onw minute video introduction.

Kiuwan was recently announced as a finalist for the 2015 IBM Beacon awards and they also recently participated in the IBM Interconnect 2015.

Contact Pinaka if you would like to find out more or have a web demo setup for your software development team.