IGT upgrades Cottontree Foundation’s tech lab

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Above: Crystal Rodney, Junior Key Account Specialist at IGT, assists Sarah with the iPad Pro. Photos courtesy IGT.

International Game Technology (IGT) recently donated 10 iPad Pro 10.5 devices to the Cotton Tree Foundation as part of IGT’s After School Advantage Programme. This donation is the third endowment of technology equipment to Cotton Tree and reflects IGT’s commitment to enhancing the learning experience of the young people that attend Cotton Tree Foundation.

Dexter W. Thomas, IGT’s Deputy Country Manager stated at the event, “The best time to impact any circumstance is now.”  He added, “Our donation today seeks to provide the eco-system that will give the youth of Trinidad and Tobago the platform for the 21st century means of communication and advancement.”

On receiving the new iPads, Miriam Davis, General Manager of Cotton Tree Foundation, thanked IGT for their donation and continued partnership with the company to advance the Cotton Tree Foundation’s objectives and goals to serve young people in the local community.

IGT, through its longstanding philanthropic initiative the After School Advantage Programme forms partnerships with Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) by providing them with new computer equipment and specialized software to assist in the development of children and young people of Trinidad & Tobago.

In 2013, a partnership between IGT and the Cotton Tree Foundation was formed when IGT donated nine new computers, a laptop and related software to fully equip the technology lab at the Foundation. The computers were all specifically networked to provide optimal learning under active teacher supervision.

Two years following the initial donation to the Cotton Tree Foundation, IGT contributed additional resources through 10 Learn Pad Quatro Tablets and a suite of Special Learning Software to the Foundation to enhance its capacity to deliver quality instruction making use of cutting edge IT tools.

IGT partners with many organizations and institutions that offer invaluable services to young people with disabilities and vulnerable children to improve their lives. Partners include the National Centre for Persons with Disabilities (NCPD), Caribbean Kids and Families Therapy Organization (CKFTO), the Christ Child Convalescent Home, the Scarborough Youth Centre for Development in Tobago, Rainbow Rescue, the LIFE Centre and the MEMISA Centre to name a few.

Cleary passionate about what she does, Ms. Davis speaks lovingly about the many children that the Cotton Tree serves throughout the year, from the preschoolers to the children who attend the Homework Centre. Cotton Tree serves approximately 100 children per quarter, between the ages of 3 -12 utilizing the technology lab to do their homework assignments.

The Cotton Tree Foundation was founded in 1993 for the benefit of disadvantaged residents in St Ann’s, Cascade, Belmont and East Dry River environs by the late Desmond Allum and a group of concerned friends. Desmond Allum, at the time, was a Senior Counsel and MP for St Ann’s.

In 1994, the Cotton Tree Foundation commissioned a community survey which identified extensive poverty, high unemployment, absent parents, high levels of illiteracy, and crime.  Cotton Tree also recognised the potential in talented children in the community and set out to provide quality educational programs and services.

Kandice De Four, Draw Coordinator at IGT, assists Levi with the protective case for the new iPad Pro