Huawei introduces P9 influencers

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Above:Sian McIntosh, Jeremy Tai Chew and Tameika Fletcher with their devices at Huawei’s Port-of-Spain offices. Photo courtesy Huawei.

Virmala “Shala” Balkaran, Radio Announcer, with her P9 at Huawei’s Port-of-Spain offices. Photo courtesy Huawei. Click to enlarge.

They are at at all the popular events, or their names pop up when their posts are shared on social media. They are the trend-living young people whose opinions and actions ripple through social media, forwarded by their avid followers.

They are the first movers who are always in-the-know about the latest and greatest stuff, and are willing to try new options.

Nine of these influencers have taken the step to move from customary mobile devices to Huawei smartphones…specifically, the new, high-quality Huawei P9.

Their willingness to keep connected differently has helped them elevate the quality of the photographs and videos they post to their Facebook, Instagram and other online social spaces.

The latest Huawei top-of-the-line phones have the superlative engineering of Leica lenses and opticals built in. This makes a dramatic difference to the clarity, colour and depth of images, with little effort.

This seamless integration of mobile devices into multiple aspects of users’ lives is what has driven Huawei’s position as the world’s third largest provider of mobile phones.

The influencers are…

Janelle Forde @designerjangelique
Luke Hernandez @_theguru_
Caribbean Lookbook (Melissa Gabriel) @caribbeanlookbook 
Tameika Fletcher-Birmingham @tameikatalks / @adornamicaribbean / @beadcafe
Precision Fitness (Joel Pile) @precisionfitnesst / jopile23
Sian McIntosh (Rebelusian) @rebelusian
Trini Chow (Marie) @trinichow
Jeremy Tai Chew @hacwhy
Shla Balkaran @shala868
Lorde Hype @lordhype