Huawei hosts virtual tour of new exhibition, lab and production space

Huawei’s clients and partners from the Latin American and Caribbean Regions were given access via a virtual video tour to Huawei’s headquarters, Exhibition Centre, Lab and Production Line. This experience formed part of a first-time event, entitled Huawei LATAM IP Club Carnival 2020. Hosted by the Huawei Enterprise Latin America team, the Webinar focused on building an open, cooperative and exchange platform for opinion leaders and technical experts in the data communication industry.

Aware of the new reality and challenges of 2020 that Latin American society is experiencing, the Huawei Enterprise Latin America team presented new technologies based on needs through different experiences. In addition to the Virtual Tour, these included:

  • Launching technological innovations and cutting-edge IP solutions that support the development of business partners.

  • Developing an industry panel with opinion leaders, experts and researchers to present best practices from a variety of sites.

The virtual event was led by Mr. Steven Zhu, President of Enterprise Business Group Latin America and Mr. Kevin Hu, President of the Huawei Data Communication Product Line, who highlighted in their welcome speeches how the company added 900 new customers in the IP segment worldwide, including the finance, government, ISP and energy industries. Furthermore, in 2019, Huawei announced four new brands in its IP business.

From Huawei’s perspective, digital transformation is the path by which companies are migrating to the intelligent world. In the field of IP, in addition to advocating for digital transformation, Huawei also follows professional practices.

Steven Zhu, President of Enterprise Business Group for Latin America, stated: “We now have 20 offices, more than 3,500 employees, and we have created 65,000 indirect jobs in the Region. Last year, our Enterprise business grew rapidly in Latin America and we are now serving more than 4,500 enterprise customers. We also had 98 new major clients and we are serving 8 of the 12 Global 500 companies.”

Currently, wide area network solutions are playing a key role in the ICT strategic plan in different countries, such as Mexico, Brazil, Peru or Colombia. Huawei is fully cooperating with industry standards bodies and open source organizations. Huawei was involved in the development of more than 430 IETF RFCs (Internet Engineering Task Force Request for Comments) and ranked No. 1 in fields such as Wi-Fi 6, SRv6, network outage, and 400G.

Mr. Hu expressed: “Huawei has maintained its market share leadership in multiple fields. Among them, the global market share of AP AirEngine Wi-Fi 6 reached 37% in 2019, ranking number 1 both in China and globally, with the exception of North America.”

Finally, the development of networks in the last 30 years has advanced in three dimensions: broadband, experience and O&M (Operations & Management). For this reason, Huawei’s new service applications usher a new generation of technology, advancing from the Internet IP era and the ALL IP era to the current era of smart IP networks with three differentiators: capability, smart experience and autonomous driving.