Got Galaxy Buds? New update brings new features

Easily pair galaxy buds with your PC

With the Microsoft Swift Pair feature, you can now easily pair your Samsung Galaxy Buds to your Windows 10-based PC (PCs running version 1803 or above). This allows you to make use of Galaxy Buds’ innovative sound quality on work-related tasks, such as remote video meetings, or listening to the music that helps you power through the workday. With the addition of Swift Pair compatibility, Galaxy Buds join Galaxy Buds+ in supporting multiple pairing experiences across mobile and PC devices, giving you the freedom to easily connect to, and switch between, your favourite devices.

Tune in, or out, of the world around you

With this update, and for the first time on Galaxy Buds, you can now experience Ambient Sound (enabled through the Galaxy Wearable app) automatically. You can remain aware of your surroundings, even when you’re watching movies or listening to your favourite tunes with the volume up. In addition, you can now experience Ambient Sound even with only one earbud in, giving you more options of how you tune in, or tune out, of your surrounding environment.

Instantly listen to your personalized playlist with a single press

Spotify users can instantly listen to personalized music on their Galaxy Buds with a single press (Spotify is not available in T&T). Through a simple ‘Tap & Hold’ gesture, users can launch Spotify and start listening to music where ever you left off.