Ericsson launches Blockchain Data Integrity on Predix platform

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Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity is now commercially available on GE’s Predix platform for building industrial applications. It provides fully auditable, compliant and trustworthy data to Predix builders.

GE designed the Predix platform to enable customers to develop, deploy, operate and monetize industrial internet applications. In industries such as public utilities, transport, healthcare and aviation, stringent requirements for data integrity and verifiable trust must be met in order to achieve regulatory compliance.

Ericsson Blockchain Data Integrity is based on Ericsson’s Data Centric Security offering and automates the generation and verification of tamperproof, irreversible signatures to guarantee the integrity of the software supply chain across data, system configuration, firmware and field operations.

The service can be triggered through RESTful APIs and supports an independently verifiable chain of custody for data pipelines and workflows, from data capture to storage, without reliance on central trust authorities or a public key infrastructure.

The service delivers massive scale, near real-time signature verification, post-quantum proof and high service availability.
Brandon K. Parker, Product Director, Asset Performance Management & Analytics, at GE Transportation Digital Solutions, says: “Through the use of GE’s Predix platform, Ericsson’s Blockchain microservice provides assurance that data captured during field inspections and/or from IOT systems is reliable and consistent, even as it is transferred across systems.”

“This is especially important in both heavily regulated industries, such as transportation, and in analytical environments where outcomes are at the mercy of the accuracy of the data.”

Martin Frojd, Head of Product Line Cloud & Data Platforms at Ericsson, says: “Ericsson’s Blockchain Data Integrity has been made available in GE’s Predix catalog and marketplace to guarantee the availability of fully auditable, compliant and trustworthy data.”

“Predix developers who take advantage of the service can be confident that data residing in Predix has not been tampered with or otherwise modified.”