Digi-Data achieves Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity

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Digi-Data Systems Limited announces attainment of Microsoft Gold Cloud Productivity competency. This achievement underlines Digi-Data’s commitment to Cloud services, and is the successful outcome of a concerted effort to develop the competencies and deploy solutions to clients.

Traditionally recognized as an IT hardware provider, Digi-Data has been developing its research, training and certifications, and is now focusing on managed services and cloud solutions in areas such as security, business productivity & data management. Digi-Data provides support and advisory services to large clients in government/private sectors, education, energy, utilities, finance/insurance and distribution industries, and is aggressively pursuing the small/medium market.

Digi-Data relies on a strong network of partners (Microsoft, HP, Fortinet, vmWare and Checkpoint among others) and highly trained and flexible technical staff to fulfil its objectives.

With this recognition in hand, Digi-Data becomes the only IT service provider headquartered and fully staffed in T&T, with the competency to deliver valuable Cloud services. SMEs to Large businesses can use Digi-Data’s expertise to deploy cloud solutions to help them:

  • Do more with less: use collaboration tools to reduce dependency on headcount
  • Get results faster: use cloud services to give your staff access to vital data anytime, anywhere
  • Spend less capital to improve IT infrastructure: only pay for what you need

“We consistently add new competencies which shows our commitment to Microsoft’s vision and our focus on developing cloud based services.” says Dominic Banwarie, Manager of the Consulting Department. “This is yet another great milestone achieved by all our staff, one that will bring tremendous value to our clients.” says Eddy Devisse, Digi-Data’s Chief Operations Officer.

The company’s Microsoft competencies are now as follows:

Gold Cloud Productivity

Gold Volume Licensing

Silver Datacentre

Silver Collaboration and Content

Silver Software Asset Management