Updated – Digicel announces Covid-19 Response

DigicelTT’s CEO Jabbor Kayumov released bullet points on his Instagram feed today outlining the company’s business response to challenges of Covid-19 in Trinidad and Tobago.

  • One gigabyte of free data. Existing customers should dial 323# to activate the bonus on their accounts.

  • Free LTE Data nights. No details on this were offered.

  • Unlimited data prepaid plans will have no limits on LTE data.

  • “10X Cheaper PayGo Data.” For customers not on a plan, they can purchase data packages for one-tenth of their regular price. Dial 729# to activate the purchase options.

  • 100 free postpaid anywhere minutes. Dial 323# to activate.

  • “Free access to all the important websites.” No details were given, but presumably local and international health websites are included in what appears to be zero-rated access.

  • Free calls to Health Centres and Airlines. Again, presumably local numbers.

  • Fifty percent off Premium TV add-ons.

Digicel issued a press release clarifying its customer facing business measures on March 20, 2020.

“As the provider of an essential service, Digicel remains committed to keeping the people of Trinidad and Tobago connected. We know our customers have a lot on their minds right now, so we are doing what we can to help ease their burdens,” says Jabbor Kayumov, Digicel CEO.

The company has activated its ‘Crisis Management Response Team’ to ensure that customers continue having access to support services, as many work from home as they heed the call for social distancing. Digicel has also modified operations to facilitate staff working remotely and has equipped the homes of over 200 Customer Care employees with technology to be able to service customer calls and address queries without disruption.

“The safety of our customers and staff are of utmost importance, and across the company we have implemented numerous preventative measures as outlined by the Ministry of Health and WHO. We have been listening to our customers and have been making changes to our operations and products to better suit their needs at this time when we all are forced to quickly transition to a more digital lifestyle,” added Kayumov.

From Wednesday 18th March until April 30th Digicel has implemented the following changes

  • Calls to all major local health care facilities and airlines are zero-rated so that customers can place free calls to health institutions to seek help if needed, and to airlines for reservation changes.

  • All major relevant websites have also been zero-rated so customers can now access the websites of: WHO, CARPHA, PAHO, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Communications, ODPM, LoopTT, Newsday, Guardian, Express, TTT, CNC3 and TV6 without incurring data charges or having their data depleted.

  • All Mobile customers will get 1 GB Free LTE data as well as Free Data Nights from 10pm to 5am.

  • All Postpaid customers will get 100 free anywhere minutes.

  • The LTE data caps for all unlimited pre-paid plans have been removed.

  • Pay-as-you-Go data rates have been reduced to make them 10 times cheaper.

  • As people now seek additional means of entertainment for their families, all new Premium TV Add-ons on Digicel Home and Entertainment have been discounted by 50% and all new downloads of D’Music app will come with 30 days free.

To further encourage social distancing, the company has optimized its digital bill payment options so that customers can pay bills remotely using Digicel’s website, its My Digicel App and the mobile banking apps of most major commercial banks.

“We are a true digital lifestyle partner and we want to support our customers and the government of Trinidad and Tobago as much as possible, as the country moves toward a heavier reliance on technology to keep us connected. We will continue playing an active social role in T&T and encourage everyone to stay safe and follow the precautionary instructions coming from the Ministry of Health.” said Kayumov.