Caribbean IXP to build Tier III Carrier-Neutral Telecom Hotel

Caribbean IXP (Trinidad) Ltd. announced, yesterday, the development of the first Tier III Carrier-Neutral Telecom Hotel (or data center hosting facility), in Trinidad & Tobago.  This new Telecom Hotel addresses the needs of large enterprise customers, government organizations, and leading-edge ICT solution providers by providing a secure, world-class hosting facility to help companies build out their mission-critical data center operations.

Backed by a US-based investment company with specialized and extensive experience in managing more than $2B worth of mission-critical datacenters and healthcare facilities around the globe, the new Telecom Hotel has already secured blue chip go-to-market customers, including one of the world’s largest technology and consulting companies, as well as one of the Caribbean’s leading Tier One telecom carriers. 

Trinidad’s first carrier-neutral Telecom Hotel will enable development of multiple high quality secure, private and custom data centers within the facility.  Caribbean IXP will offer data center hosting, efficient peering services, cloud services support and business continuity services to companies in Trinidad & Tobago and throughout the South Eastern Caribbean.  All customers of the facility will have access to the services of all major communications providers and connectivity facilities in the region, including land based, wireless and submarine networking facilities ensuring the most secure hosting services possible.

Trinidad & Tobago is uniquely located on one of the largest north south business corridors (from the North-Eastern United States to the fast growing economies in South America).  The region features multiple existing telecommunications providers, and multiple international submarine cable systems. Trinidad offers a skilled workforce and a business friendly administration.  It is geographically located outside of the regional hurricane zones, and it offers substantially lower energy costs than other Caribbean-based locations. 

The project is based on a ground-breaking and future-proof design from a US-based engineering firm that exceeds the needs of today’s primary/backup and disaster recovery configurations.  Following the strictest adherence to internationally recognized construction and operational standards in power, cooling, security and privacy, the Caribbean IXP Telecom Hotel exceeds the standards demanded by regulators and industry sectors such as banking, energy, telecommunications and governments.

“All of these advantages are being combined with a management team that’s experienced in successfully running Tier III and Tier IV datacenters, to deliver the regions’ newest and most advanced hosting facility,” said Dr. Girish Pathak, Founder and CEO.  “In total, more than US $40M of local and foreign investment has been planned for this project to develop a state-of-the-art facility that will enable corporations and governments to build out their mission critical data center operations.” 

In the months ahead, Caribbean IXP looks forward to working closely with the Governments of Trinidad & Tobago and South Eastern Caribbean countries, as well as the CIOs at market-leading enterprises in the region, to add clients to this ground-breaking facility.   

Companies interested in learning more about the Caribbean IXP Telecom Hotel are invited to contact