CANTO to reimagine ICT in 2017

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CANTO members will convene in Curacao, a unique Caribbean destination for the Association’s 33rd Annual General Meeting & Mini Expo. The three day meeting will be held from the 29th -31st January, 2017 at the Renaissance Hotel and Casino and will be co-hosted by United Telecommunication Services – Curacao (UTS) and Bureau Telecommunicatie en Post (BT&P).

At the AGM, top executive telecommunication operators and suppliers from over 34 countries will focus on the theme: “Reimagining ICT as a Tool for National Growth and Development”. Reimagining ICT is high on CANTO’s agenda and focuses on ICT connectivity beyond the modernization of societies as a catalyst for real economic change.

The onus is on all stakeholders to encourage creators, developers and consumers to take advantage of the dynamism of ICT and expand their thought process to view all possibilities. This dynamism will require a paradigm shift, fostering an environment which stimulates creativity necessary for the development of our national and regional markets. The theme’s objective is to connect more of what our stakeholders do with the goals and ambitions of the markets served.

The ever-changing field of technology has made the world more accessible as information is easily and rapidly exchanged. CANTO is at the vanguard of this movement and will encourage discourse amongst its membership to reimagine ICT in all its different spheres to reap benefits which would promote national growth and development.

CANTO members will also discuss the activities of the Secretariat in 2015/16 and create a working plan for the 2016/17 financial year. The packed agenda features, the Board of Directors’ meeting, eight working committee meetings and the AGM proceedings. There will also be a special Mini Expo with telecom suppliers exhibiting their products and services at the intimate gathering.

Updated information is on the CANTO website.