Briza offers mobile process monitoring

BRIZA Technologies Limited introduces the TOUCH Mobile business process / workflow solution to the Caribbean. Designed to be a one stop solution for business process mobility, the platform was developed by Mobile Epiphany LLC of Denver Colorado USA.

Briza_LDAR_S4_Equipment_InspectionTOUCH Mobile affords companies the ability to use a single platform to configure and deploy any number of mobile solutions to automate and mobilize their various business processes and workflows. At the same time, it provides near real-time reporting at the back office or in the field. Further, if necessary, it can also be integrated with any back-end system of record (ERP, SAP etc.).

Two of the most important truisms in business today are:

  • These uncertain times demand greater efficiency and cost effectiveness in all industries
  • The creative application of mobile technology will continue to be a leading ingredient in business strategy and success.

Business processes which usually take days or weeks to be completed, reported upon and analysed can now be done in minutes or hours. These include field and factory Inspections, deliveries, sales transactions, claim processing, audits, asset tracking etc.

This translates into more productive hours in the field for your team, quicker decision making and the virtual elimination of transcription errors and delays which are a feature of most paper-based workflows. In other words, savings, enhanced service delivery and ultimately profitability.

TOUCH Mobile can be deployed as an out–of-the box industry specific solution or it can be configured to meet your unique process needs. Since no programming is required, solutions can be developed within days and changes can be made without the need for technical experts.

The software is also optimized for use on Windows, Android, Apple and Blackberry mobile devices, thereby ensuring a wide variety of device options and familiarity of use. While in the field, users can:

  • Search databases
  • Capture signatures, pictures, video and barcodes
  • Map and tag locations using GPS
  • Access reference documents
  • Auto-trigger email notifications and work orders

Recently, two specialized applications were introduced to address the special needs of the Oil & Gas industry. They are:

  1. TOUCH Mobile LDAR for Fugitive Emissions / Leak Detection & Repair
  2. TOUCH Mobile NDT for Non-Destructive testing.

When your business environment demands that you do more with less, then consider going paperless.

A free demo version of Touch Mobile featuring fourteen (14) different business process solutions, can be downloaded from the Google PlayStore or the Apple AppStore

TOUCH Mobile is marketed in the Caribbean by BRIZA Technologies Limited.