bmobile introduces WiFi for Maxi Taxis

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Above: Maxi Taxi Operators at City Gate were excited about getting WiFi for customers, seen here with this bmobile representative. Photo courtesy bmobile.

More than 300,000 Maxi Taxi commuters stand to benefit from free unlimited Wi-Fi internet through a new initiative launched by the Association of Maxi Taxis of Trinidad and T0bago (AMTTT) in collaboration with bmobile. The service is being delivered via special modems installed in participating Maxi Taxis and connected to bmobile’s 4G broadband technology.

Makeda Antoine, TSTT’s Senior Manager Commercial Operations, noted that free onboard Wi-Fi is available in various mass transportation networks around the world including taxis, and this was the 1st time that free Wi-Fi will be offered on maxi taxis in Trinidad and Tobago. 

“The more people are connected, the more productive they are,” Antoine said. “Trinidad and Tobago is a nation of immense opportunities and with the launch of this new service, citizens nationwide can make much more productive and engaging use of their time especially during the long morning and afternoon rush hour commute.”    

“Maxi taxi travelers can now enjoy online gaming, listen to music online, check their email, do work or post their pictures instantly on Instagram and Facebook and it will not cost them anything.”

The new service is being offered as part of the company’s continued transformation into an agile broadband communications company that is responsive to its customers’ needs.  She commended the AMTTT for their innovative thinking.

“bmobile is committed to the rollout of communications solutions and services that will enrich the lives of citizens and businesses in both Trinidad and Tobago. We are thrilled to partner with the Association and support our customers’ always-on lifestyle. That is the way of our modern societies and bmobile is up to the challenge. As we say, Life Is On.”

Brent Munroe, AMTTT’s Public Relations Officer and Technical Advisor said that he was excited about the new service offering. “A gap in many persons’ communications needs is being filled.” 

He noted that many people spend long periods of time, sometimes over an hour, traveling on board a maxi taxi, especially during the rush hours. 

“I noticed that many are without internet service while in transit so I am confident that maxi taxi passengers throughout the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago will welcome the free Wi-Fi service we are providing and use it.”   

The Wi-Fi service is an ‘opt-in’ venture for members of AMTTT and on the morning of the launch, 250 maxis had already signed up for it and the number continues to grow. Munroe expects to have the Wi-Fi service proliferated throughout the country in a short time period.  He stated, “We have 5,000 maxi taxis serving the various routes around Trinidad and Tobago and we expect to have uptake by most maxi taxis, if not all, because the maxi taxi operators have been engaged and we have gotten very positive feedback.” 

Clifford Francis, a maxi taxi driver along the Arima-Port of Spain route who will be offering the free Wi-Fi on his maxi taxi remarked, “When I heard about the offer I immediately decided that I must install this service on my bus, not just for my passengers, but also for myself as well so that I can get things done online when I’m in between trips.  I am definitely excited about the service because as the word gets around to the public about this free service that we are offering, this will bring more business to us.” 

Randolph Wright, another Arima –to–Port of Spain operator, agreed with Francis and said, “We are really trying to uplift the service we offer to the public and this is a great way to do this.  I believe my passengers will enjoy the service and we are grateful to bmobile for coming onboard with us to do this.” 

Fareed Ramdath, who works the Chaguanas-Port of Spain route added, “Some of the travelling public were already asking us for Wi-Fi and not being able to provide it made our industry look backward. This is definitely a step forward for us since I know that my passengers will welcome the service.” 

The excitement at the free Wi-Fi was also high among the public as evidenced by some of the comments shared.  Junior-Andrew Lett, travels the Arima-Port of Spain route several times a week for work. 

He said, “I work in the communications field so I need to be in constant contact with our customers as well as with my work colleagues even when I’m out of the office and travelling in a maxi taxi. I also have an established business and I also need to be in constant contact there.  Having a service like this works well for me.  I’ll definitely use it.” 

Natalie Craig, another maxi taxi passenger, spends 2 hours a day travelling back and forth on the Arima-Port of Spain route and agreed that it was a great idea and stated, “This is definitely a step forward in the right direction because today is all about communication.  I will use the service to stay in touch with my children when they are going to school so I can know they are safe and to communicate with my office while on the way to work.  I welcome this service.”

Munroe also thanked bmobile for embracing AMTTT’s vision because bmobile’s service is the most cost effective and reliable locally.  “They were also willing to negotiate with us so the decision to go with bmobile was an easy one.” 

“The free Wi-Fi service is one of the ways that the Association of Maxi Taxis of Trinidad and T0bago is saying thank you to the public for their patronage over the past 37 years and we look forward to continuing to serve them for many more years to come.”   

Commuters can look out for the Maxi Taxis displaying the bmobile Free Wi-Fi Onboard sticker and simply turn on Wi-Fi on their device, select the maxi taxi’s Wi-Fi network, enter the password provided by the driver and surf for free.