bmobile powers D’Junction connection

Screens from D’Junction App. Images courtesy bmobile.

Whether you’re playing in a band or trying to link up on the road, finding your team this Carnival Monday and Tuesday is just a few taps away. For its third consecutive year the carnival mobile app D’ Junction will make it easy to navigate and locate various mas bands wherever they may be on the road. However, this year the coverage promises to surpass previous years with bmobile jumping on board as the app’s major sponsor over the Carnival 2018 season.

Ria Karim

According to the app’s developer and creator Ria Karim, bmobile’s wireless technology is powering the app for Carnival 2018 and will amplify D’ Junction’s accessibility and enable the innovative and highly interactive mobile application. bmobile’s technology will support the real-time GPS location data being fed to the app; the company has also equipped the D’ Junction team with physical devices that will ensure a smooth run throughout the season.

Karim says D’ Junction is pleased that bmobile, one of the country’s largest communications providers recognises the important role technology plays in everyday life and how it can also improve the carnival experience.

Vice President of Marketing at TSTT, Camille Campbell, says the app is a perfect example of bmobile’s mission to deliver world class technology that supports the dynamic needs of customers. “When we think of Carnival, it is like organised chaos. With this app, powered by the connectivity of bmobile 4G LTE, we aim to make it more manageable for onlookers and masqueraders, to find the band, connect with people and catch the sights and sounds they most care about.”

Karim notes that while technology plays and occupies a prominent part in everyday life of individual citizens, it has largely failed to penetrate the local entertainment industry. “I’m grateful that bmobile notices what we’re trying to do. This app launches T&T’s carnival into the digital age, making the experience a seamless and convenient one for tourists and locals alike. It ends that annual stress of locating a band on the road Monday and Tuesday, and saves you time and energy going from place to place trying to locate people.”

“bmobile has always supported local culture and given platforms for our people to access technology and enabled lives through telecommunications,” and according to Karim, she sees the collaboration as a tremendous fit, since the inventive app was both conceptualised and produced locally. “We at D’ Junction are proud to now be aligned with bmobile.”

Camille Campbell

In 2016 the app started off with just seven bands spanning across the country, but this year close to 20 large, small mas bands and even J’ouvert bands from Port of Spain, Chaguanas, and San Fernando have signed up. It makes the scope and benefits of D’ Junction wider and even more helpful to the public than previous years.

bmobile and D’ Junction promise the best is yet to come, with on-site competitions for lucrative prizes that will be announced in the coming weeks. Consumers are asked to keep an eye out and to download the app if they have not already done so for more information as to when, where and how they can participate.

Meanwhile, Karim says they will not stop there. Since the app launched two years ago, the software has had at least two major features added.

The Carnival Calendar with fete listings that can be accessed year-round. Plus, a new pictures tab where party goers can view content within the app. But there is more to come. Karim says that post Carnival 2018 D’ Junction will continue to grow, improve and quench the Carnival thirst of all who crave it in even more exciting and innovative ways.

About D’ Junction Mobile App- Your Carnival Companion

D’ Junction is the first carnival band tracking mobile application to be launched in Trinidad and Tobago. It was first utilised in 2016 and is currently in its third year, making navigating the intricate and sometimes confusing carnival band routes a breeze for masqueraders and those that simply want to meet up with friends. The app has three features: Band Tracking, Fetes and Photos.

Band tracking is enabled on Carnival Monday and Tuesday only, to allow users to locate participating bands on a GPS map interface. D’Junction recognises that this can be especially useful for tourists and visitors who may not be familiar with our cities and towns.

Year after year, masqueraders complain of time and energy lost trekking all over the various towns, hoping to catch their band. D’Junction was created as a technological solution for spectators and mas players alike, at no cost and at their convenience via their smart phone.

The Fete feature was added after Carnival 2016 and populates a list of upcoming fetes and other carnival related events accessed throughout the year. While the newest feature, Photos, links images and other content directly to the site so consumers get the full experience without launching separate applications or websites.