bmobile announces Code Challenge competition

The Caribbean start-up technology team that wins bmobile’s first ever Code Challenge will be rewarded with technological support, expert business advice and funding to transform their winning idea into commercial reality.

The Code Challenge is a brand new feature of bmobile’s Connect Technology Conference & Innovation Week which takes place from January 28th – February 1st, 2019.

bmobile has partnered with IBM, Launch Rockit and a high-level group of local and foreign-based mentors to create an historic and exceptional prize designed to be the foundation for business development and business acceleration for technology start-up companies. The goal of the Code Challenge is to enable start-ups to create sustainable, profitable, breakthrough tech applications that can make life better for consumers and businesses.

More developed economies like the United States have already established spaces for technology entrepreneurs to grow and thrive which supports economic development. Creating a similar type of eco system to support technology start-ups in the Trinidad and Tobago and the wider Caribbean can have similar benefits on the local and regional economy

Eligible participants  are encouraged to conceptualize ideas and projects that will incorporate modern technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Internet of Things (IoT), Data Miningand Chat Bots.

As the national communications provider with the largest and most advanced network in the country, bmobile is keen on nurturing projects  that will have the potential to solve an economic problem, transform a business process, answer a consumer need, improve a product, or tackle a social issue.  This will clearly demonstrate to businesses in Trinidad and Tobago and the Caribbean, the region’s potential to leverage global ICT and IoT standards to meet high degrees of operational efficiency, lower cost structures and be globally competitive.

Entering the competition is a simple process involving online submission of applications and a 2-minute video presentation at challenge. The application form is quick and easy, requiring short, simple answers.  The video presentation gives entrants a more dynamic format to really make the case for why their project deserves to win. Of course, both the application form and video have to capture the interest of the judges.

The winning team will immediately be enrolled into bmobile’s new business accelerator six month programme and will have access to the services of IBM’s impressive Artificial Intelligence platform, Watson; sufficient funding to allow the team to focus on building their idea; the guidance and advice of important mentors; and be immersed in an intensive educational programme – all coming together to create the Caribbean’s next exciting new tech business, service or innovation.

Interested applicants can access more information about the competition and submit their applications at: challenge. The qualifying criteria and judging categories are also laid out here.  Qualifying is as simple as having a team of between two and three persons and a project less than two years old that is still in the development stage. The deadline for entries is December 28th, 2018.