PLIPDECO chooses Microsoft Dynamics GP

PLIPDECO's Port Operations.
PLIPDECO’s Port Operations.

Point Lisas Industrial Port Development Corporation Limited (PLIPDECO), the owner and landlord of the Point Lisas Industrial Estate as well as the manager of the country’s second major port, selected Microsoft Dynamics GP to manage its finances, inventory and business intelligence.

PLIPDECO began using Microsoft Dynamics over 20 years ago. The recent implementation of Dynamics GP however, allows for greater, richer functionalities that can adapt quickly to change.

With this improved enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform, significant amounts of data can be analysed in real-time by the organisation’s employees, allowing adjustments that save on time in completing everyday routines.

The software has been integrated into almost every aspect of the organisation, including areas like finance, stores and engineering.

PLIPDECO noted that the tool will allow the organisation to become “a global player in port and estate management by consistently providing superior, innovative service.”

“Microsoft Dynamics GP has made a significant change to the way in which we do business. The importance of combining powerful productivity tools with business applications is something that the software provides to the organisation and this is at the centre of PLIPDECO’s core strategy. Through using the software, we have improved reporting of sales, increased accuracy and we can better forecast our financial income,” said Maria Modeste, Senior Systems Analyst, Information Technology, PLIPDECO.

“We love the connectivity between departments which Dynamics allows. For instance, when stock is received through the purchasing module, our stock account is updated. When that same stock is issued from a service call on the field service module, our financials are updated again. This has assisted our finance department with generating timely, accurate reports.”

Organisations can reach to a point where the very tools that have supported their business growth, begin to obstruct their ability to act with agility and insight. Microsoft Dynamics GP, combined with other products like Office 365, connects people, processes, and systems, all from one place.  In particular, these tools allow organisations to:

  • Bring their email, calendar, and files together with data, reports, and business management software.
  • Share the big picture, and get one-click access to the details.
  • Stay productive with highly secure anytime, virtually anywhere access.
  • Simplify usage with one password and one user experience.
  • Unburden IT resources to focus on driving further business growth.

Frances Correia, Country Manager, Microsoft Trinidad and Tobago, Eastern and Southern Caribbean explained: “Technology has changed our social fabric, transforming how we engage, connect and interact with one another.”

“In this era of the customer, experience is the new currency. Microsoft was pleased to partner with PLIPDECO to help the organisation deliver an exceptional experience not only to the people working within the organisation but also to the external clients the business serves.”