Office 365 discounted for T&T

On April 23rd, Microsoft announced that Office 365 Professional Plus, a service that provides applications such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook, is now available for a limited time at a price of approximately US $110 per year, for customers in Trinidad and Tobago.

Adoption rate for Office 365 compared.

This represents an approximate discount of 24 percent per user per year, which translates to a big savings for a small company, and the difference between opting for a pirated version of the Office software. Office 365 ProPlus offers a number of advantages including it can be installed on up to five devices such as a PC, Mac, and now even on an iPad, or the iPhone or Android platforms. Interested companies should approach their local Microsoft technology consultant and ask for Office 365 ProPlus or visit this link.

“Office 365 ProPlus is the version of the world’s most widely used office suite. We want to make it easy for SMEs to acquire advanced technology at a more affordable price,” said Felipe Carrillo, Cloud product sales manager for Microsoft LATAM New Markets. “Unfortunately, many times we see that companies use software which is not genuine because they believe to acquire the technology is very expensive.
“With services in the Cloud, and this Office 365 ProPlus offer, the reality is that the story has changed. Today, companies have many options to acquire productivity at an affordable price that comes with many other benefits which pirated software does not offer. Apart from that, businesses gain customer support from Microsoft and are free from risks such as viruses or malware.”

The special price, compared with a traditional license of Office for SMEs which can cost between US$350 and US$500, will help ease the economic impact on a business as it will allow them to spend on technology rather than on another investment that would depreciate over the years.

According to a recent study conducted by IDC and the National University of Singapore, companies worldwide expect to spend nearly US $500 billion in 2014 on issues related to malware installed on pirated software, US $127 billion on security problems, and US$ 364 billion on violation of data.

With this offer, not only does Microsoft hope to help SMEs move to the Cloud quickly and easily, but also to help them become more competitive using the best software in the world, without having to be victims of piracy. The final prices for Office 365 ProPlus will depend on negotiation between the SMEs and their trusted reseller.