Microsoft connects with partners

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Above: Racquel Moses, Country Manager, Trinidad and Tobago / Public Sector Lead Caribbean Subsidiary, Microsoft, delivers her presentation. Photo courtesy Microsoft.

Over 100 partners and representatives of Microsoft converged to learn more about the technology giant’s plans, as it kicked off its first major conference of 2018, aptly called Partner Connect. Microsoft’s partner ecosystem, one of the largest in the world, focused not only on its local, regional and global partners but on key issues such as digital transformation, integration and the fast pace of technology.

Speaking at the all-day event held at Movietowne Banquet and Conference Centre, Mr. Herbert Lewy, General Manager for Microsoft’s Caribbean operations, identified the core objectives for the partner session. He stressed that cloud technology and solutions were now important factors in the 4th Industrial Revolution i.e. the information revolution.

He said, “We are seeing more and more companies, and even governments, embracing technologies using the cloud. Microsoft is providing this service in a massive scale, and we have been working assiduously with small to medium sized businesses, who do not necessarily have the ability to invest in capital expenditure and have embraced it in a very fast pace delivering business and solutions to their customers.”

Microsoft, he said is happy to be part of this journey as it encourages different companies of different sizes, in both the private and public sector to be curious or interested in knowing how technology can make a difference in our lives.

Ms. Racquel Moses, Country Manager, Trinidad and Tobago/Public Sector Lead Caribbean Subsidiary, Microsoft said she had seen a great deal of innovation from local companies who continue to push the envelope, “We are very excited about the prospects as well as the opportunities that are available.” She noted that digital technology has transformed the way in which businesses engage customers and this has impacted all areas of the business model. As a result, she called for a restructuring of the way companies conduct business, since many require new technologies.

Touching on the challenging economic circumstances, Ms. Moses said she believes that technology will play a huge role in global competitiveness, “We have to realise we have the same access to technology as those in Europe and Asia so we can now stand shoulder to shoulder with anybody else on a technological platform. Azure provides that opportunity.

We have to embrace it and use that to leap from where we are to be able to compete. In terms of how it impacts employees we are very excited about that because many companies are using it to get their employees up their value chain rather than doing repetitive tasks that are boring and not exciting.” This, she commented would allow employees to use more thought, effort and innovation to get the best decision making possible.

This year’s Partner Connect 2018 brought Microsoft partners together to learn more about company’s plans for the next year, one of which is continuing to empower employees by providing them with the necessary tools to optimise employee innovativeness and engagement. Microsoft continues to engage with its partners to build new solutions for specific industries in both the public and public sector.