Schneider, Massy announce tech partnership

Above: Manuel Rodrigues and Ian John at the partnership launch. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. 

Massy Technologies and Schneider Electric announced a regional partnership agreement today, the cementing of a business courtship that the two companies had been circling for several years and which got serious in mid-2018 as the companies decided to cement their business ties with a more formal relationship.

Massy Technologies Infocom achieved Elite Partner ITD status with Schneider recently.

The partnership crosses all English-speaking markets and ranges in scale from full corporate installations to SME solutions that address business needs for energy management, automation and power control.

“Massy has worked in market segments and sectors where we have solutions over the years,” Manuel Rodrigues, Schneider Sales Director for Caribbean IT said.

“We are in all Caribbean Islands, as is Massy, and they will work with us on solutions for companies across the English-speaking Caribbean.”

It’s not an exclusive relationship, but Rodrigues believes that competition drives growth and sees it as a positive relationship for both companies.

Schneider is the global leader in Energy Management and Automation and works to ensure that its hardware and software solutions work together to deliver business improvements.

“We are seeing now that we have to manage our energy. ” said Massy Technologies CEO Ian John.

For Massy Technologies, it’s a matter of answering the business questions of their clients.

“How do I automate?”

” How do I achieve greater power efficiency and control?”

“Massy Technologies are offering our entire line of solutions for the IT business as well as non-IT environments where power control protection and management are necessary,” said Rodriguez.

“We are solutions provider and we are like minded in our thinking.”