Information security briefings

Shiva Bissessar
Shiva Bissessar

Information Security Specialist and “Train the Trainer” certified technologist Shiva Bissessar, a frequent contributor to TechNewsTT, is offering private sessions for IT departments and corporate groups interested in preparing for digital intrusions.

The briefings target IT Executive/Senior Management, IT Management & Professionals, Risk Management, Internal Audit, HR Professionals and Legal Officers.

Sessions run three to four hours and include overviews and deep dives into the following topics…

Information Security Governance

  • Importance of Information Security
  • Local & Regional Threats
  • Types of Attackers & Motivations
  • Consequences of Attacks
  • Why Info Sec Governance Required
    • “Due Diligence”
    • Securing People & Process
    • Risk Management
    • Info Sec Policies
    • Audit & Info Sec Mgmt.
    • Org Structure & Behaviours
    • “Illegal Devices” &“Remote Forensic Tools”
The Global, Regional & Local Picture

    • Threats & Vulnerabilities
    • Phishing, Spoofing, Vishing, Water Holing, Ransomware, Skimming
    • Reports & Stats
    • Local & Regional National Cyber Security Efforts
    • TARGET 2013 Breach Analysis
    • Controls

Mr Bissessar, the Managing Director of Pinaka Technologies  brings almost 20 years of industry experience to these sessions along with related expertise in telecommunications, cryptography , cloud computing (security and privacy).

Contact him at 868 678 5078 or via e-mail at for more details about this new practical information technology education series.