Glasses-Free 3D is coming

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The Impact of Glasses-Free 3D on the Tech Industry            

3D technology has been around for many years. Most of us have caught a film at a local movie theater or theme park where we got the chance to experience a movie like it was in our actual reality. Part of our viewing experience was wearing those glasses that sported two different colored lenses, which no one knows why. Imagine what would happen if you could get that same viewing experience but without the annoying glasses to go with it.

You don’t have to imagine it anymore. Computer processors can now easily populate 3D environments and television manufacturers are crafting glasses-free 3D television sets that will allow you to enjoy programs in 3D without having to worry about the glasses. This is a real breakthrough in technology for the tech industry as glasses-free 3D technology is starting to blur the difference between our actual reality and the shows that we watch.

What’s the Fuss About Ultra-D Technology?

When it comes to the 3D television sets, the technology that makes it happen is called Ultra-D. This was used by Stream TV Networks at last year’s CES show. The company claims that this type of technology can be integrated with any size screen, regardless of the number of panels.

Ultra-D is considered a core technology that will work with televisions, smartphones, portable gaming devices, tablets, laptops, all in one computer, touch screen devices, and more. Ultra-D is what makes the 3D experience possible without having to wear the special 3D glasses that we’re all used to seeing.

Is 3D Viewing Actually Feasible from Home?

When it comes to home viewing of 3D content, two major problems have kept this type of television viewing at bay for many years. The first was having the right technology to display the 3D images. Traditionally, televisions required glasses to see the 3D images. Now, there are televisions without them which can be purchased by average consumers just like you. The first problem has been solved.

The second major issue that manufacturers have run into with 3D viewing is not having enough 3D content out there to make purchasing of the 3D viewing equipment feasible for consumers. Other than some special movies, such as Avatar, there haven’t been a whole lot of 3D releases out there. This problem is also being solved by Stream TV as they’ve developed a real-time converter that allows 2D content to be converted into 3D content for 3D real-time viewing. Problem number two has been solved by this technology company.

A Look at The Pros and Cons Of Glasses-Free 3D Technology

There are pros and cons that come along with this type of television viewing. This should help you to make a better decision on whether you want to invest in this type of home viewing equipment. Let’s start by looking at the benefits it can bring you and your family.

When it comes to the benefits of glasses-free 3D viewing, the first benefit comes in the name. There’s no longer a need to wear those ridiculous looking glasses on your face while you view a movie. Next, you can enjoy the enhanced emotional and immersion experience as you watch new movies. Instead of just viewing the pictures in a 2D fashion, you get to feel as if you’re there in the moment as you watch the movie. By having this technology available for home audiences, you can enjoy this 3D experience anytime you would like.

As with everything in life, there are always some downfalls. The first for this type of advanced technology is the dissociation between reality and movies. Scientists have studied the effect of 3D video gaming on young men. They’ve claimed that doing so regularly blurs the man’s perception of risk. This results in him taking on more risk in his daily life that he would otherwise not do, which could result in serious injury or death. You may find yourself getting too used to viewing shows and movies in 3D that you’ll never want to go back to 2D viewing as it will be too boring for you.

As you can see, glasses-free 3D technology is starting to become more widely available to the consumer market. While 3D is not a new technology, having equipment that you can use to screen these shows in your own home is. Expect to see a lot of new features and products available in the coming years showcasing 3D technology.

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