Digicel introduces fleet mangement in St Lucia

Representatives of the Government of St. Lucia officially sign the contract with Digicel’s Head of Business Development (OECS South), Keigan Cox (left).
Representatives of the Government of St. Lucia officially sign the contract with Digicel’s Head of Business Development (OECS South), Keigan Cox (left).

On May 11, Digicel announced that it’s F6 Asset Tracking Management System is the first of its kind to be introduced in St. Lucia and will be installed in over 300 state-owned vehicles currently assigned to its ministries and Government agencies as part of its public sector modernisation initiative.

With the deployment of this solution, the Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Departments can now manage and account for every vehicle effectively, as well as monitor the driving behaviour of the drivers assigned. They can also set rules regarding usage and manage the routes that they want the vehicle to travel, set speed limits for individual vehicles and set timetables for their use. The system will also notify the relevant managers if assigned drivers breach any the parameters.

Digicel’s Head of Business Development (OECS South), Keigan Cox, said; “This is indeed a bold move by the Government of St. Lucia in its quest to manage and account for the deployment and utilisation of its fleet of vehicles better. We welcomed the opportunity to respond to the Government’s call for the submission of tenders from interested parties for a solution in support of managing its fleet of vehicles, and responded with an innovative and competitive proposal which has won the contract offered by the Government’s Central Tenders Board.”

The Digicel Business F6 Fleet Management Solution was specifically designed to provide live monitoring of any vehicle – regardless of location and time – and enables any organisation to optimise its vehicle fleet performance, manage vehicle operating cost and monitor driver behaviour. Organisations will be able to account for the usage and safety of their vehicles while capturing real-time data on their usage patterns, including fuel consumption, geo-fencing, maintenance scheduling and crash reporting – all from a centralised cloud storage database.

“The system will also improve driver safety and fuel consumption, reduce costs related to unjustified claims and maximise vehicle residual value,” continued Mr Cox. “Digicel’s F6 Asset Tracking Management System allows for user flexibility in the monitoring of any vehicle, as the user can access the management portal and receive alerts via their mobile phone, tablet or PC.”

The Minister for Public Service, Sustainable Development, Energy, Science and Technology, Senator, the Honourable, Dr. James Fletcher, said; “The St. Lucian Government has a responsibility to manage all of its assets efficiently. Modernisation of the public sector is the way forward for the Government and we recognise that this vehicular tracking service – which Digicel is providing – will allow for the best possible and most effective use of our resources.”

The Digicel F6 Asset Tracking Management Solution will help any business or private individual to better monitor and manage its vehicles. The solution provides peace of mind and control to vehicle owners.
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