Ericsson on “The Transformative CIO”

Ericsson interprets the results of an IDC market intelligence report on the attributes required of today’s Chief Information Officers.

The majority of general conclusions from the study we commissioned relate to two interrelated issues that are changing the face of the telecom industry: customer expectations and the speed of technology evolution.

Expectations and technology feed each other, creating the need for faster innovation and time to market, improved network infrastructure, new approaches to management and support software, and substantial changes in the ways various areas of the organization work together.

Customer expectations of total mobility, ever-faster connectivity, personalized services and perfect, instantaneous delivery seem to be growing as quickly as their data usage. At the same time, the pace of change is unprecedented cloud, M2M communications, the rapidly evolving world of devices and apps and operators are being pushed to come to grips with the complexity of these changes all at once.

The five part PDF series from Ericsson is available here.