Digicel announces LTE system upgrade, warns of service issues

Above: LTE graphic by Blankstock/DepositPhotos.

Digicel Business has communicated with its customers about its LTE upgrades. I am advised through sources quite literally in the street that T&T is in the vanguard of regional upgrades that will enable LTE service throughout the telecommunications provider’s services in the Caribbean.

Dear Valued Customer

Digicel Business is pleased to advise that we have begun the upgrade of our network to deliver superfast LTE mobile data speeds in several parts of the country.

LTE, also known as Long Term Evolution, is a mobile data standard developed to meet demands on future networks as customers’ needs evolve. LTE offers increased capacity with regards to stability, throughput and latency and this will deliver a superior user experience with speeds up to 10 times faster than existing 4G technology. Users will be able to use data, voice and stream video from all coverage areas at any time with no delay.

Over the next five months, we will be working with our technology partner, ZTE, on a robust deployment plan that will see our current sites upgraded to LTE status.

Enabling this superior experience, however, will have an unavoidable impact on mobile and ICT services. We understand the importance of our network to your business and as such, we will continue to ensure that all upgrade activities are scheduled to minimize any disruptions.

Consistent with our Digicel 2030 vision, we are making a great effort to develop our network to meet your changing needs and we are confident that you will enjoy the benefits that LTE will bring to the areas where you do business.

We will provide updates on the progress of our upgrades and we welcome feedback on your experience.


Digicel Business