Digicel to give selected customers 70,000 smartphones

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Above: Jabbor Kayumov makes the announcements this morning at DigicelTT’s Head Office. Photo by Mark Lyndersay.

Digicel will kick off its Christmas giving this season with a gift of 70,000 smartphones, primarily Nokia models, to customers who own devices that can’t connect to its new LTE network. The giveaway will cost Digicel US$2 million.

Customers don’t have to do anything and will be reached by phone call or text message by a customer service representative to arrange the gift.

Digicel and its competitor in the market, TSTT, have faced challenges with a core of users who remain adamantly on their older 2G network.

TSTT recently announced a firm deadline for the end of their 2G network.

DigicelTT’s CEO Jabbor Kayumov described the move as “opening up a world of possibilities for our top 2G customers.”

“Gifts for everyone this Christmas,” Kayumov announced at a press conference this morning to announce the smartphone giveaway and discounts for existing and future customers of the company.

Existing prepaid customers will get 25 percent off 30 day plans for three months and if they purchase a smartphone can get the same discount off a 30-day Pick Unlimited plan for six months.

Existing postpaid customers get their 25 percent off the purchase of an unlimited plan for three months and if they buy an LTE smartphone, can get that discount on any unlimited plan for a year.

Digicel’s rebranded Home and Entertainment wired service can get up to $100 off any bundle for a month and HBO viewers can get those plans for 50 percent off. An unlimited Home Phone plan can be added at a 50 percent discount for the first month.

Purchasers of premium plans can access PlayGo video channels and Digicel’s d’Music package at no extra charge.

Digicel also announced a commitment to deepening rural broadband connectivity, but admitted that the project would be improved if it could access the spectrum it’s been asking TATT for.

With it, Kayumov said, “we can get to every house in T&T.”

In CSR news, the company announced that it had donated a quarter of a million dollars to flood relief efforts, targeting donations using social media.

Digicel will continue its partnerships with NGOs and agencies to engage with senior citizen’s homes and refurbish those spaces, and with the Salvation Army on a four-week soup feeding programme for the socially displaced that it has been doing for the last five years.

The company will also host a children’s popup party for 250 children in Tamana.