Covid-19: Reshaping learning for online classrooms

“I tell my parents that it’s an evolving situation and we have to be adaptable. Some parents struggle, so I try to get an older sibling to get involved. If you have a grandparent who is caring for the child, it can be a problem. It’s not easy for older parents.”

Samsung is hip to be square

Samsung has declared 2020 “The Year of Galaxy 5G,” with a commitment to supporting the communication standard in the coming decade on its mobile devices.

Wither calypso

In any business, there is a delicate relationship between investment, audience and product. A dramatic change in one always has an equivalent effect on the others.

The media advertising problem

Since the MediaTrak surveys stopped in 2015, there has been no public unveiling of any metrics for the media industry and the advertising that supports it.

To the Edge and beyond

As many as 36 per cent of Microsoft’s corporate users are still using Windows 7 and are bouncing between a modern browser and IE 11. Nothing less than full, flawless backward compatibility is going to get any of those customers to upgrade.

Point Fortin goes cashless

WiPay will deliver 50 more terminals next week and plans to deploy 100 in total in Point Fortin at no charge. The pilot project targets small and micro-businesses.

My favorite things

The first time I saw a scratch removed using Photoshop’s clone tool, I knew the old ways were over. To say that I was sold would be an understatement.