bmobile introduces new service fleet

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Above: On January 9, the first of 35 new utility trucks were added to TSTT’s fleet of technician vehicles. Approximately 160 new vehicles will be added to TSTT’s fleet. Photo courtesy bmobile.

Bmobile is upgrading and expanding its fleet of technician vehicles to support the accelerated pace of its fiber and network expansion programs. The company’s goal to provide more customers with wired and wireless high-speed services reached a milestone in December 2017 when it recorded 100,000 homes passed in its fiber program which brought with it, record levels of customers signing up for service.

Chief Operations Officer, Michael Hamilton was on hand to present part of the first tranche of vehicles for a new fleet of approximately 160 vehicles including 35 new Utility trucks, loaded with enhanced features that cater to the technical and safety requirements for staff.  The management and staff of TSTT’s South Access Plant Management Department received the vehicles at the Cipero Work Centre, San Fernando.

Hamilton explained that the new fleet is being rolled out to all of Bmobile’s technical staff throughout Trinidad and Tobago and demonstrates the company’s commitment to delivering leading-edge technology and customer service excellence, which are part of the foundation of TSTT’s 5-year strategic plan. 

Hamilton said that technicians were at the frontline, with responsibility for the installation and maintenance of all Bmobile services in a timely manner and this could not be achieved with the aged fleet that was being replaced. “The roll out of the new trucks provide a critical tool needed by the technicians to be able to quickly, safely and effectively do their jobs in a manner that ultimately satisfies customer expectations.”   Hamilton confirmed that training on the proper and safe use of the trucks was taking place with the delivery.

“Prior to getting the new trucks, if a technician went on a job that required a bucket truck, we would have to send out another set of technicians. That kind of duplication of effort is frustrating to customers and led to longer fault-resolution times.  The new trucks will enable better efficiency in work planning, faster completion of service requests and lower operating costs.” 

The trucks are outfitted with air conditioned cabs; dual controls for the lift buckets at the driver seat and   from within the lift bucket for greater control and safety; warning / caution lights; stabilizing legs for parked vehicles and double cabs to  facilitate more crew members.

Raymond Guischard, Senior Utility Officer and Pete McCall, Driver/Operator were among the team of construction technicians who will be using the new trucks. Guischard and McCall’s crew are responsible for areas from Freeport to Icacos including Point Fortin, Cedros, Fyzabad, Palo Seco, Santa Flora, Rio Claro, Mayaro and Guayaguyare.   

Guischard explained, “Our trucks are in constant use every single day and the customer assignments we get can be great distances apart.     It’s important therefore for us and for customers, that we are properly equipped and our vehicles are functioning properly. Customers are depending on us and the new vehicles will go a long way to ensure that we meet their service expectations. We are very happy to see the progress of this program.” 

McCall said that the improved comfort features will help.  “We are out on the field for long periods of time and having everything we need in a properly functioning vehicle goes a long way to keeping us focused on the job at hand. As simple as it may seem, the air-conditioning helps in a major way to keep rain and diesel fumes from inside the cab especially as the engines have to be running continuously to power all of the stabilizing gear and lift equipment. “

Following the meeting with all of the South Access Plant Maintenance management, field technicians and office staff, the Chief Operations Officer was pleased with the outcome. “We had open discussions and the team is very engaged. The eagerness I saw in the management, technicians and staff confirms what I already know.  They are personally invested in their work and love what they do.  It is therefore my responsibility to ensure that my team has the tools they need to effectively do the job they love and this will make bmobile a better organisation.