Samsung launches S20 in T&T

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. has launched the Samsung Galaxy S20 in Trinidad & Tobago. The Galaxy S20 series introduces a brand-new camera architecture that combines AI […]

Wither calypso

In any business, there is a delicate relationship between investment, audience and product. A dramatic change in one always has an equivalent effect on the others.

Whither soca?

For Dieffenthaller and George, it’s a possible moment of consummate schadenfreude for men left standing at stage side while bands pranced away with Montano’s song.

About that missed call…

Timing is important, because the enemy of the scam is information. Once people are warned about the issue, they won’t return the call and the charges won’t end up profiting the scammers.

Why we hate data

The brutal truth is that surveys meant to inform advertiser support and rally reader interest in the product are a winner’s game