About last week…

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Above: Illustration by Juric P/Deposit Photos.

Some of you may have followed links to find stories, others may have been visiting to see what’s new. What you would have found since May 27 would have been the stock 404 page from my hosting service.

You would not have seen my mounting frustration and worry about just how long it was taking to resolve problems arising from what had started as a simple data migration from one hosting space to another that took my entire web presence, this website included, completely off the Internet.

It’s absolutely no fun getting emails from Google warning of a massive incidence of crawl errors and mostly, not being clear about how exactly to handle the situation for readers of TechNewsTT.

There seemed little point announcing the downtime. The site tends to have a relatively small number of visitors who drop in to browse around and the majority tend to follow links and related posts. If you were one, you deserve to know why everything disappeared for eight days.

Saying something before the problem was resolved just seemed to be courting curious looks at an empty URL. So while patiently typing through more than a dozen web chats and at least four hours of long-distance phone calls, most of which were spent listing to ragtime on-hold music, I decided to keep quiet and focus on getting the problem solved.

Finally, today, it was. Or seems to be. If you’re reading this, it still is. If you were wondering what’s up, that’s the story. Updates will flow in rapidly over the next few days. Thank you for your patience.

In the 12 years I’ve been posting BitDepth to the web and in the three years since the founding of TechNewsTT, that’s the longest I’ve not had my material available. Let’s not have that happen again.