TSTT claims doubled speed, capacity from improved network

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Above: TSTT workers in the field. Photo courtesy TSTT.

TSTT has expanded its existing 3G mobile network to enhance its existing capacity in response to the growing demand for wireless mobile broadband service. As the company moves towards a 4G mobile network, the doubling up of its existing 3G mobile network means that mobile customers will now enjoy greatly enhanced service. 

Some of the major benefits include faster broadband download and throughput speeds, better voice quality that is crystal clear, improved coverage in existing areas and an increase in accommodation for new customers.

The expansion of the mobile network to twice its capacity was completed in August, a continuation of the new strategic plan to transform YSTT from a traditional telecommunications company to an agile broadband communications company that is responsive to customers’ needs. 

“Cutting-edge technology and customer service excellence are fundamental pillars of the strategic plan which will provide a new level of greater service and exciting new communication solutions,” said Chevon Wilson, TSTT’s Acting Executive Vice President, Mobile Operations and Retail Distribution. 

“Several projects will be completed during the upcoming months as we continue to lead the telecommunications industry by leveraging the unique assets of the longest-established and only full service telecoms company in the country.” 

Don Dann, TSTT’s Senior Manager, Wireless Mobile Operations and project lead for the 3G network expansion said, “When a person downloads a music track from the internet, this will take 6 to 7 minutes on a 2G network, 10 seconds on a 3G network and 3 seconds on a 4G mobile network.” 

“Besides much faster download speeds, the doubling up in the capacity of our 3G network will provide customers with much better service in terms of improved coverage, clearer conversations and additional capacity for new customers.” 

Dann added that there is also a huge explosion in the demand for wireless mobile broadband globally because of the growing number of ways that residential and business consumers use the internet in their daily lives.

“It is TSTT’s objective to stay on top of trends and market changes and we have accounted for this in our strategic plan, because TSTT’s growth, organizational alignment and transformation cannot occur without the mobile expansion also.” 

“There is a huge amount of work being done in TSTT right now which will transform our mobile network to embrace the growing data usage and improve customers’ experience.”  However, Dann said there is much more to come, and besides the improvements completed in Phase 1 of the mobile network expansion, customers will begin to experience the benefits of Phase 2 by the end of this year.”