Microsoft introduces Always Connected PCs

Above: The HP Envy X2 runs Windows 10 and a specially optimised version of Office 365. Photo courtesy Microsoft. At the second annual Qualcomm Snapdragon Tech Summit in […]

Tidying Windows 10

Above: Microsoft’s Ineke Geesink. Photo by Jose ISA Barahona, courtesy Microsoft. BitDepth#1093 for May 16, 2017 The two-year history of Windows 10 has been a surprisingly […]

Microsoft hosts successful M4 conference

Above: IDC Group Vice President of Worldwide Telecommunications Research Courtney Munroe delivers his keynote address. Photo by NH Productions and courtesy Microsoft.  On Thursday 22nd October, Microsoft held its […]

Microsoft launches Windows 10

Microsoft Corp. announced that Windows 10 is now available from July 29, 2015, as a free upgrade1 or with new PCs and tablets. Windows 10 includes […]

Windows 10, tomorrow

BitDepth#999 for July 28, 2015 Microsoft will begin rolling out the newest version of its flagship operating system, Windows, in a process that looks set to […]

Windows 10, still a risky beta

BitDepth#973 for January 27 Last week, Microsoft made it clear that it wasn’t going into the deployment of Windows 10 with any assumptions about its customer […]

Windows 10, Spartan unveiled

Microsoft Corp. on Wednesday unveiled a new generation of Windows, with a wide range of experiences designed to usher in a new era of more personal […]

T3CHTT installs Windows 10

Local technology blogger Hassan Voyeau of T3CHTT has joined the frontline of testers for Windows 10. From his post… “Firstly the 3.8 GB .iso file took […]