Microsoft inspires local teens at DigiGirlz event

More than 54,000 students have attended the Microsoft DigiGirlz Technology Programs (both camps and one-day events, internationally) since they began in 2000.

Flow, Pennacool push ICT learning

Above: John Devaux, left, and Cindy-Ann Gatt, right, with representatives of the ten schools who have joined the Flow-Pennacool ICT programme. All photos by Mark Lyndersay. […]

DirecTV, W Connection address cyberbullying, violence in schools

DIRECTV has rallied together some of the local sporting champions to help bring a message of heroism and kindness to the nation’s schools. The last installment of […]

A digital agenda for the PM

Above: Opening the spigot on data is one challenge the new Government faces. Digital illustration by Andrea Danti/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1007 for Seprember 22, 2015, part two of […]

BVI to wire schools for free Internet

Above: Myron Walwyn, Education Minister, British Virgin Islands BVI News reports that British Virgin Islands Education Minister Myron Walwyn will roll out a programme wiring all schools […]

Another laptop story

BitDepth#953 for September 09 Last week, the Ministry of Education scampered to respond to a claim by parent Julien Dedier that his daughter’s Government-issued laptop had […]

TSTT gifts school with tablets

Couva Anglican Primary School is the second beneficiary of the blink | bmobile Foundation’s a Corporate Social Responsibility Programme to promote youth development initiatives in the […]