School ended for me with sixth form. I was tired of the whole experience and was keen to do and to learn, not study to an increasingly irrelevant curriculum.

bmobile supports ARROW foundation with computer donation

Above: Standard Four Student Jared Barron demonstrates the ARROW Learning programme while some of his classmates and Ashley Broadbelt – Coordinator of ARROW Foundation and Anjanie Ramesar–Soom, […]

Apps for tiny fingertips and formative minds

Above: Pet Bingo from Duck Duck Moose. Click to enlarge images. BitDepth#1125 for December 28 If you are responsible for what’s now called a pre-tween, a […]

Online education, upgraded

BitDepth#995 for June 30, 2015 Dr Paul Kim had an interesting proposition for local educators on the third day of UWI’s three-day seminar series on Institutionalizing […]