Print journalism in a digital age

Above: Lead type, photo by saax/DepositPhotos. Originally published in Sunday Newsday, December 09, 2018 Most people reading my work in 2018 might be inclined to think that […]

Thank you, Therese

Above: A portrait of Therese Mills by Rattan Jadoo featured on the cover of her posthumously published memoirs. BitDepth#919, an obituary to the pionner journalist, was […]

What is a journalist?

Man thinking at typewriter. Photo by everett225/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1146 for May 24, 2018 In a discussion before the JSC about the Cybercrime Bill a week ago, Chairman […]

Why the Cybercrime bill should worry journalists

Above: The practice of journalism as it is widely imagined to occur. Photo by GaudiLabs/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1136 for March 15, 2018 At a Joint Select Committee meeting […]

The Entrepreneurial Journalist (Video)

A presentation on the challenges, demands and possibilities facing journalists in Trinidad and Tobago in 2017 (36 minutes long). Developed as a presentation for and delivered […]

Journalism 2017: What reporters must do

Above: Journalists used to be much easier to identify. Image from Everett225/DepositPhotos A TechNewsTT Exclusive  In the four main installments of the Journalism 2017 series, the […]