Movietowne gets a bmobile full service store

Above: Sheldon Greaves (left) and Mikhail Singh (third from right)- with staff at the new store. Photo courtesy bmobile. bmobile’s retail transformation initiative is broadening its […]

Why the Cybercrime bill should worry journalists

Above: The practice of journalism as it is widely imagined to occur. Photo by GaudiLabs/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1136 for March 15, 2018 At a Joint Select Committee meeting […]

bmobile lists channel partners for payments

Image by Artur Verkhovetskiy/DepositPhotos. bmobile has a web app with details on the channel partners who will replace the services previously offered at its flagship stores. […]

The Cybercrime Bill for journalists

Above: The law is coming to cybertown. The next steps will be crucial to ensuring freedom of expression. Illustration by BeeBright/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1098 for June 20, 2017 […]

A technologist’s view of the cybercrime bill

Above: Digital illusrtation by Andreus/DepositPhotos I like the spirit of the bill. My own personal background in technology is public knowledge; my LinkedIn profile will demonstrate […]

Cybercrime Bill read in Parliament

The Cybercrime Bill, 2017 was read by Attorney General Faris al Rawi on Friday 05 May, 2017 during the second session of the 11th Parliament as […]

MATT concerned about Cybercrime bill

The Cyber Crime Bill (2014) that contains provisions to charge journalists and their sources for electronic tip-offs raises deep concerns within the media profession and should […]