More apps you need to add to your Android phone

Todoist’s availability on multiple platforms, including flavours of Linux, on wearables and in browser extensions and email plug-ins, makes it an attractive list creation option.

Samsung’s Top Ten tips for the S10

These features are included in the Galaxy S10’s default ‘Gallery’ app, allowing users to easily add effects to their photos and removing the need to install separate app.

Four ways AR might change your life

Plenty of people will most assuredly get their hands on AR glasses as soon as they become popularly available, and this will breathe new life into augmented reality apps.

Managing screentime for children

Above: Monitored and shared screen time is considered best practice for younger children. Photo by Vitalik Radko/DepositPhotos. BitDepth#1176 for December 20, 2018 In her book The […]

LSI-TEC and Samsung offer free IoT courses

As part of its commitment to enrich the people’s lives through education and as a pillar of its Corporate Citizenship core values, Samsung Electronics has established […]

Apps for tiny fingertips and formative minds

Above: Pet Bingo from Duck Duck Moose. Click to enlarge images. BitDepth#1125 for December 28 If you are responsible for what’s now called a pre-tween, a […]

A tablet for a child

Originally published on December 24, 2013 It’s not that I have anything against either Android or Windows 8, but the hard truth is that there simply […]

TechAgri Expo 2017’s promises and lapses

Students at the TechAgri Expo 2017. Photo by J Morris/UWIFFA via Flickr. Adapted and expanded by the author from a post on Given my return […]

CCN introduces App building service

Above: John Outridge of Novo Media explains the new service at Friday’s launch. Photo courtesy the Trinidad Express. The Trinidad Express reports on parent company CCN’s […]

Mind the screens

Above: Amazon’s Kindle offers a range of low priced books for younger children. BitDepth#1020 for December 22, 2015 There is an understandable tension between the need […]

Digicel introduces AppSeeker

Above: Digicel’s AppSeeker on the Google Play Store. From today, Digicel customers across the globe can discover and enjoy the latest and greatest apps with the […]

The disruptive power of mobile apps

On a recent business trip, I was told by personnel of a major airline carrier that they could not check me into my connecting flight from […]

Five apps that are better than Android pre-installs

BitDepth#949 for August 12 After using an Android mobile phone for the last four years, I’m not afraid to tell anyone thinking of switching to the […]

Local app development

The Trinidad Guardian reports on local app development… Rather than look at the number of apps that are being created, Wooding is more concerned about the […]