Beyond CA: The Elephant On Your Desk and In Your Pocket

Illustration by Kentoh/DepositPhotos. When the Cambridge Analytica scandal planted its flag on the shores of Trinidad and Tobago, the Attorney General was quick to respond to […]

Contemplating the business of journalism

Above: John L. Allen Jr at CAMSEL’s symposium on Fake News. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1121 for November 28 On November 17 and 18, two distinct […]

Dear future media house

BitDepth#1004 for September 01, 2015 Anyone creating or moving a publication online quickly discovers the challenge is not journalism, it’s money. Peter Drucker’s axiom regarding business […]

The Paywall dilemma

BitDepth#1003 for August 25, 2015 Two weeks ago, the Trinidad Express enforced a paywall on its website, restricting access to all but a few lines at […]

Digicel drives advertising for Cayman 123 App

Cayman 123 Travel is an independent travel agency based in Grand Cayman in the Cayman Islands offering a wide variety of travel services including accommodation, air […]

Digicel to introduce ads via SMS

Delivering on its promise to bring technology innovation to Trinidad and Tobago, Digicel Business recently hosted Lonsdale Advertising Agency and their clients to a breakfast meeting […]