De Gannes wants Digital for Everyone

It’s the kind of Marshall McLuhan conceptualising that could easily become boring, but the banter between De Gannes and his hosts makes a potentially challenging subjects seem rather obvious and straightforward.

Banking under covid19

To make capital more accessible, the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank (ECCB) reduced the discount rate by 4.5 percentage points to two percent to provide low-cost, short-term credit.

What’s next…

Forty years ago, the OECS boss noted; Dr Eric Williams put food security on the Caricom agenda. Now the region is facing a food import bill estimated at no less than $8 billion.

That Masked Man

A mask that filters that much airflow and maintains a good seal on your face also traps some carbon dioxide from your breath. In situations which require a bit of exertion, it’s quite possible to start getting a bit loopy.

Samsung announces Caribbean A series launch

The Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51 offer a long-lasting battery, a smart camera and an Infinity-O display. Both devices have 128GB of on-board storage that is expandable up to 512GB, with a microSD card.