TSTT partners with NWRHA on video surveillance

TSTT’s partnership with the North West Regional Health Authority (NWRHA) to install a modern Closed Circuit TV (CCTV) system at the Port of Spain General Hospital is providing a state-of-the-art video surveillance system that is unlike anything used at the institution before.

“The security video cameras of today are not like your typical Closed Circuit TV systems that simply record the image of what passes in front of them” said Darryl Duke, Senior Manager Government, Security & Directories Business at TSTT.

The new CCTV system is intended to augment the security measures currently implemented at the Hospital that are geared at protecting people and assets and enabling an added sense of safety and security to all persons accessing the facility.

TSTT had previously completed an 800 CCTV System and Command Centre for the Ministry of National Security so the company’s growing expertise in this field made it an ideal partner for the NWRHA which is committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment.

The CCTV system boasts of several strategic features that can help in the successful investigation of wrongdoing. One such feature of its video analytics is intelligent license plate recognition which enables operators to receive alerts if a targeted license plate is observed on the compound. It also allows cameras to track the movement of a vehicle of interest.

Duke explained that the robustness of the system is also being supported by 24/7 monitoring by TSTT’s Alarm Monitoring Centre and is also being monitored by the Hospital as well. “In addition to the license plate recognition feature, our system also includes facial recognition technology which is pivotal to improving the effectiveness of the cameras.”

“The data captured means instead of a person having to review continuous hours of footage, the system can quickly find instances where and when targeted persons were captured on camera.”

Duke noted that the software was sophisticated enough to also aid in detecting when visible items had been removed from their position. “The flow of people through the compound is so dynamic it is difficult for any security officer to keep an eye on everything so the intelligent CCTV system improves their vigilance one-hundred-fold.”