Samsung talks regional plans

Samsung’s Albin Strothers.

Albin Strothers, Product manager for Samsung Electronics, Latinamerica, answered questions about Samsung’s strategy for its new products.

For the release of the S9, Strothers said that the company had been listening to its users and “what they wanted was a better camera.” To meet their expectations, Samsung designed a special processor for handling images on the new device, giving S9 users a camera system that makes intelligent decisions about the subject matter. The release of the S9 device in Trinidad and Tobago is targeted for mid-April, 2018.

For professionals, the dual aperture enabled lenses can be controlled by the user in manual mode, allowing such users to make photographs using the maximum aperture of f1.5 for creative purposes in situations that aren’t the low-light environment that normally invokes the automatic switch from f2.4 to f1.5.

Professional videographers will also be interested in the Super Slo-Mo mode for video capture, which quadruples the frame rate of normal slow-motion video to 960 frames per second. Samsung captures such video clips in baseline HD at 720 pixels on the longest side. A bit low for today’s description of High Definition video, but a significant development in smartphone video capture in a consumer level device.

Samsung will deploy its new Smart Things connectivity for devices in Puerto Rico, Panama and Guatemala by the end of this year or by the first quarter of 2019 at latest. Deployment to the Caribbean region will follow that at an as yet unspecified date.

All new models of their hardware will support Smart Things for IoT and because Bixby is tightly integrated with the new Smart Things project, Strothers noted that, “We are working to train Bixby on different kinds of spoken English.”

Knox, the company’s security layer, has been upgraded and is more secure and the new version is more adaptable for enterprise use. Small and Medium business owners interested in implementing Knox security can talk to local carriers Digicel and bmobile, who have both partnered with Samsung to deploy Knox solutions. Enterprise companies can contact Samsung directly for solutions scaled for their needs.