Second of 6 free IoT courses begins

Above: The second of six free courses on coding for I0T begins on October 01.

The second course of the “Code IoT” platform begins on October 1, an initiative of Samsung Electronics in alliance with the Technological Integrable Systems Laboratory (LSI-TEC) of Brazil to provide free Internet of Things courses, programming, basic electronics, robotics and Android application development.

The courses, which are completely free, are taught by LSI-TEC specialists in Spanish, English and Portuguese, to the benefit of education professors, students and everyone interested in the subject of Latin America and the rest of the world.

The first module, which is about “Internet of Things”, ends on September 30. Sign up for the second course that will start on October 1st is now open: “Learning to Code”, in which the participants will learn basic knowledge about the coding universe.

Using the Scratch programming language, registrants will have the opportunity to create projects involving stories, animations and games, interacting in the online Scratch community and learning practical codding concepts.

All the courses have a duration of 5 weeks and it is estimated that the students dedicate about two hours a week to each course.

The initiative is part of the Tech Institute, Samsung’s corporate citizenship program, which aims to create a favorable environment for technological development and the training of new professionals.

Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly present in the lives of people. In the coming decades, billions of smart devices are expected to be interconnected to data centers through wireless internet (WiFi). Samsung Electronics offers a wide range of connected electrical appliances that show the ways in which the new technologies of artificial intelligence and IoT of the company will simplify the daily life of the users.

The third course begins on November 12th  and will be about “Electronics: basic concepts and components”. The “Code IoT” Platform has planned courses until April 2019.

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