bmobile launches 4G LTE – Part of 5-year 3.7B transformation plan

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Above: TSTT Chairman Emile Elias speaks at the launch of the company’s 4GLTE offering. Photo by James Solomon, courtesy TSTT.

Referring to TSTT’s media conference last week, held to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of their leadership under the new board, the historic almost $2 billion financing agreement with Republic Bank Limited to support TSTT’s $3.7 billion 5-year investment and transformation plan, and the launch of the new converged bmobile brand,

Dr Ronald Walcott, TSTT’s Chief Executive Officer said, “Our customers can now experience ultra-fast broadband speeds on their mobile devices, with speeds that are as much as 10 times faster than you can get from anywhere else in Trinidad and Tobago right now.   Our 4G LTE Mobile service is at worldwide standards.” 

This was the promise made by Walcott during the media launch of their new 4G LTE Mobile service at the company’s Port of Spain head office on December 9th.

“There is enough research that clearly demonstrates a direct correlation between ICT development and the development of a nation.  As the only full-service local telecommunications provider that is owned by the people of Trinidad and Tobago, part of our remit is not just what we do as a telecommunications provider but how we can support our national economic development.” 

Walcott indicated that TSTT always intended to bring Mobile 4G LTE service to Trinidad and Tobago as this was part of their long-term mobile strategic plan, and added, “I would like to remind everyone that we have had the only 4G LTE Wireless Broadband service throughout Trinidad and Tobago for quite some time.  That is fixed 4G LTE broadband for your homes and offices.  What we are bringing to you today is a brand new mobile experience to the people of Trinidad and Tobago: Mobile 4G LTE for your mobile devices.”

He continued, “We invite you to go to our bmobile retail stores and distribution outlets today and sign up to enjoy this powerful new solution.  All you need is a LTE compatible SIM card and mobile device and with our new 4G LTE Mobile service, you will be able to do everything that you are accustomed to at much faster speeds.” 

The term 4G means the fourth and latest generation of data technology for cellular networks. LTE, which stands for “Long Term Evolution,” is the fastest 4G technology available today for the transmission of data on mobile devices.  bmobile’s 4G LTE Mobile service is therefore much faster that 3G networks and is the go-to solution for people with smartphones, tablets and laptops who need very fast data speeds for Web browsing, app use and email when they’re on the move and out of the range of their Wi-Fi networks.

TSTT is in phase 1 of deployment of the 4G LTE Mobile service which includes Port of Spain, San Fernando, Scarborough and their environs, and intends to cover all of Trinidad and Tobago in a few months to meet the required 85% coverage of the nation’s population. 

However he noted that this was assuming that TSTT got the 700 MHz spectrum that they require and applied for.  He added, “I want to reiterate that it is our expectation that we will be able to continue to roll out our 4G LTE Mobile service in the 700 MHz band which is the most standard spectrum for the LTE deployment because of its propagating characteristics which includes the ability to have the type of geographic coverage that we want.”

” This will ensure that we can provide this solution throughout the length and breadth of Trinidad and Tobago so that everyone can be a part of this modern and exciting era.”

TSTT Chairman, Emile Elias also spoke and remarked, “I have a message for the people of Trinidad and Tobago.  TSTT is Trinidad and Tobago and Trinidad and Tobago is TSTT.  TSTT’s transformation had begun and our 2016-2017 half-year results demonstrate this.  The people who own TSTT, the people of this country, I know they are happy today because they have seen our 2016-2017 half-year results which are the fruits of our hard work and we hope to continue with this trend.  We have the financing, the leadership and a strategic plan in place and we are going forward. Stay with TSTT.”