Give T&T offers online donations

In an economy where corporate and governmental funding has plummeted, NGOs & Charities find themselves struggling to support their organizations. Give T&T Donation Network launched earlier this month to address this.

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Give T&T aims to help charities and NGOs of Trinidad and Tobago receive donations via online credit card payments from anywhere in the world. Since launch, hundreds of transactions have been performed securely, generating thousands of dollars for local charities.

“We have known the principals behind for many years to be innovative and trustworthy. They have brought that to and have created a secure platform where anyone, anywhere in the world at any time, can contribute to the important work being done by NGOs and civil society in Trinidad and Tobago,” explained Francis Escayg of Cause an Effect.

We jumped at the opportunity to be a part of because we saw a way to tap into the Diaspora, to make them aware of the transformational work being done by Cause An Effect, and how easy it is for them to help us. All you need is a willing heart and a credit card. No worries.”

“Republic Bank is pleased to see that charities can now benefit from an online payment ecosystem. This worthwhile initiative, which creates wider access for the public to provide support to participating NGOs and CBOs, is the type of modern and inclusive vision that this nation needs.” – Nadia Williams, Group Marketing & Communications, Republic Bank Limited

Give T&T offers a reliable way for credit card holders from any country the ability to securely give to the charity of their choice in T&T. There are more than 500,000 Trinbagonians living in the USA, Canada and the UK alone and research has shown that most of them have credit cards, are familiar with online payments and are looking for ways to support local needs. In T&T, while there are fewer credit cards holders they are more likely to donate to local charities.

Give T&T supports a wide cross-section of worthy causes that fall into categories such as Health, Children, Disability, Poverty, Religion, Sports, Social Engagement, and Animal Welfare.

The Give T&T platform also helps established fundraising groups such as Rotary Clubs and Foundations, by helping them provide better value to their own projects at a lower overhead cost.

The Give T&T service is a brainchild of Eddy Devisse, Managing Director and owner of the Innovation Factory. As the husband of a returnee Trinidadian, Eddy has voluntarily provided IT and financial support to a range of NGO’s for causes he supports. These experiences led him to see the great need in T&T for local charities and the power of the Caribbean Diaspora.

Give T&T leverages the powerful infrastructure of Republic Bank’s EPay service and is supported by an international team of IT Professionals.

Charities or NGOs wishing to participate in the service simply fill out a form at and they can start receiving donations in less than 24 hours. On a monthly basis, the funds raised will be paid directly to each charity’s bank account. No fees are charged to the charities. Processing costs are covered by a flat 10% from each donation. Details here.

For more information: Eddy Devisse via email or at 787-9100
Project website.