Wither calypso

In any business, there is a delicate relationship between investment, audience and product. A dramatic change in one always has an equivalent effect on the others.

French expats build a coronavirus tracker

Masks are worn all day, in-person meetings are avoided if necessary and nobody eats in the same office.

Galt: TSTT’s Data Centre is ready for GDPR

Galt pointed to TSTT’s own internationally certified data centre (TIA-942-B and SOC II) and its award winning e-tender platform, developed and operated by talented Trinbagonians.

Huawei responds to US Justice Dept Indictment

No company can become a global leader by stealing from others. By the end of 2018, Huawei had been granted 87,805 patents, including 11,152 patents in the US.

Whither soca?

For Dieffenthaller and George, it’s a possible moment of consummate schadenfreude for men left standing at stage side while bands pranced away with Montano’s song.

Flow shares safer Internet tips

The students learned about protecting themselves and their families against phishing through an interactive session with Hayden de Four, Chair of the Interbank Security Committee.

Defining journalism in the face of social media

What the media has needed right from the start of widespread Internet consumption of journalism is a way for its audience to find relevant work in a frictionless environment.

Digicel announces pre-paid plan enhancements

“What the changes in the business and in customer behaviour seem to have been ignoring is that if the customer is unhappy, well, to me, that’s toxic money.” – Jabbor Kayumov

About that missed call…

Timing is important, because the enemy of the scam is information. Once people are warned about the issue, they won’t return the call and the charges won’t end up profiting the scammers.

Why we hate data

The brutal truth is that surveys meant to inform advertiser support and rally reader interest in the product are a winner’s game

The media advertising problem

Since the MediaTrak surveys stopped in 2015, there has been no public unveiling of any metrics for the media industry and the advertising that supports it.

The Annual Report to Readers – 2019

The site’s emphasis will increasingly be on projects, opportunities and stories that offer the potential to bring deeper understanding of underreported events and to break news that is being missed.

The to-do list, redux

Rewriting tasks to a refreshed priority refocuses the importance of looming deadlines.

Digicel supports Guyana #LiberalisationNOW petition

Fibre optic service can be found in limited pockets in Georgetown and some surrounding communities, while DSL has slowly crept across the country on poorly maintained copper networks.

UK: Huawei OK for 5G roll-out

Huawei is reassured by the UK government’s confirmation that we can continue working with our customers to keep the 5G roll-out on track.