A manifesto for technology

There is no need for a ministry to handle digitalisation of records for the public sector. That should be function of a properly constituted public sector.

Education goes Massive

“Using a new technology in the old way doesn’t get you anywhere. When it comes to adapting new principles to the classroom, sometimes you need to let the students guide you.” – Simon Fraser

Bad news for local news

Revenue online is gutted by a combination of competing Facebook ad placement efficiencies and reach and the nightmare of Google ads.

Apple takes another RISC

Apple has traditionally smoothed these issues over with emulation technology, which runs older software in a code environment that fakes being an older computer system. 

The digital campaign, 2020

Many experienced politicians find it difficult to engage with digital natives who are unwilling to grant respect until it has been earned, often expressing such disregard with casual incivility and a tendency to backchat.