Out of the eight TATT award categories, Flow submitted five entries.  The judging panel adjudged Flow top honours in three.

About that new 5G network…

“The scenario is fully portable and will work anywhere that has 5G coverage. At this time the unrestricted movement is allowed.” – Hassel Bacchus

The default to cynicism

Madoff’s patrician old-world charm won him billions in investments for a Ponzi scheme while Amanda Knox’s quirky response at a murder put her in jail for four years.

Chrome, I’m gonna quit you, baby

It was once considered good form to build these bits of code to expire after the user left the website, but many cookies in use today are persistent, sticking around in your browser.

We mindf***ed ourselves

In Wylie’s book, all his youthful techy friends are misled heroes and the old people are the villains, even when they are painted as charming rogues.

A Digicel triumphant

Chandrika Samaroo announced that the company had been awarded frequency in the 850MHZ spectrum on the AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) carrier band in July and licensed it in August.

What being a paperboy taught me 

Delivering newspapers was a gateway drug into the business of journalism. Years after I began writing, my mother kept teasing me that newspaper ink had permanently tainted my blood.

AmCham’s cybersecurity warnings

With more than US$1 billion paid in ransomware demands in 2016 alone and years of work lost in data that remains inaccessible, the cost of not securing networks has sharply risen in the last five years.

Dear John…

Whether it was exploring the woods above the school, a region declared absolutely out of bounds, or snorkelling among particularly vicious rocks at Macqueripe, you were always out front, urging the timid and sensible onward.