TSTT introduces LTE 4G

Minister Baksh is flanked by TSTT’s Chairman, Everald Snaggs and Ag. CEO, George Hill
Minister Baksh is flanked by TSTT’s Chairman, Everald Snaggs and Ag. CEO, George Hill at the launch in Sangre Chiquito.

“When we work together, we can achieve great things,” said Subesh Ramjattan, Founder and CEO of the Bridge of Hope Children’s Home as he thanked BLINK Broadband for bringing 4G Wireless Internet to his Children’s Home and his community. The occasion was the simultaneous launch of BLINK Broadband’s new LTE 4G Wireless Service on April 15th 2014, in both Trinidad and Tobago.

The technology was launched in Trinidad at the Bridge of Hope Children’s Home, 1021 Eastern Main Road, Sangre Chiquito and in Tobago at Golden Lane. BLINK Broadband’s new LTE 4G Wireless Service has been installed at Sangre Chiquito, Cheeyou, Rancho Quemado and Golden Lane, Tobago and will complement the national coverage of our population with access to wireless broadband connectivity.

At the Golden Lane deployment of the service, Mr. Radge Coomar explained that TSTT “chose two rural communities one in Trinidad and the other in Tobago Sangre Chiquito and Golden Lane respectively as launch pads for the pilot project which would include almost 300 sites being powered up with same technology over the coming months.”

“These two rural communities had no prior broadband access either because of distance to legacy exchanges or because of terrain, which makes it difficult to lay down fixed infrastructure.”
“Wireless makes it simple, reliable and fast and allows blink | bmobile to deliver the latest technology and services to our customers in these communities.”

“It is a big investment to the Company, hundreds of millions of dollars, taking Broadband to the next level, but well worth it for all”.
The service entails deployment of the latest high-speed wireless technology LTE through TSTT’s technology partner HUAWEI.

LTE (Long Term Evolution), is a fourth-generation or 4G wireless network. BLINK Broadband’s LTE 4G Wireless Service is designed to deliver very high speeds and will deliver speeds up to 10 Mbps. The new LTE 4G Wireless Service will be installed in areas such as Sangre Chiquito which have been difficult or costly to service using traditional wired solutions and offer data speeds that are much higher than wired services.

In Trinidad, BLINK Broadband’s new LTE 4G Wireless Service will provide Internet service to the Bridge of Hope Children’s Home which currently has 24 residents but is designed for a capacity of 32, and a preschool of 64 children. A Homework Centre at the compound serves 26 community members, and a youth centre has 150 members. The Children’s Home was also presented with two desktop computers which will be installed at the Bridge of Hope Homework Centre.

TSTT CEO (Ag.), George Hill explained that the launch of the new 4G wireless service is part of blink | bmobile’s 5-year Internet Plan for Trinidad and Tobago. Several new projects will be rolled out during the upcoming months to improve the existing broadband coverage to 95% of Trinidad and Tobago.

“We wanted to demonstrate in a clearly tangible way our commitment to both Trinidad and Tobago, hence we decided to bring this incredible new technology to both our islands at the same time. This simultaneous launch in both sister isles is also part of the broadband plans for our nation.”

Attendees at both legs of the simultaneous launch were able to speak with each other and follow the concurrent launch on a link between the islands via a huge video conferencing screen that was set up throughout the proceedings.

“These projects indicate to us the efforts blink | bmobile continues to make to ensure that citizens have not only the most technologically advanced gadgets, but the systems needed to enable the optimal usage of such devices.” Minister of Public Utilities Nizam Baksh said. “Today, this technology has come to Sangre Chiquito and environs. The great benefits which this would bring to the residents here, particularly the school children, are immediately apparent.

“Member of Parliament for the area Colin Partap expressed his pleasure at his constituency being chosen for the roll-out of BLINK Broadband’s new 4G wireless service and noted “Dr Eric Williams once said that the future of our nation lies in the school bags of our children. But today, this has been replaced by digital equipment such as laptops and tablets.”