WordPress Meetup #5 – SEO

A lot of people think that you just build a website and that it….all the visitors/customers will just flock to their domain and everything will be great. Sadly, that’s not the case; yours is just one of the hundreds of thousand of websites that are created every month in addition to the millions that already […]

TSTT claims 5M searches on Yellow Pages app

Above: TSTT’s Senior Manager, Government, Security and Directories Business, Darryl Duke (left) and Rhonda Cox-Sylvester, Manager Directory Publications, showcase the enhanced functionality of the T&T Yellow Pages App and the T&T Yellow pages online. Photo courtesy TSTT. With over 86,000 downloads of the mobile app and 5.5 million searches online over the past 12 months and […]

T&T WordPress Meetup #3

RSVP requested! For most website owners and bloggers, security is never a top priority – until their website goes down or is hacked! As the most popular web publishing platform (by a large margin), WordPress is a popular target for hackers and spammers. While the WordPress community does an awesome job at updating the platform […]

When steel whispers

Above: There are fans and then there are pan supporters. Which band in the world has an audience that acts as its road crew? Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth 759 for November 30, 2010 Invited, at quite short notice, to offer a talk to steelband leaders on November 20 the challenge proved not to be what to […]

The Internet sales pitch

Above: Sarah Carroll, CEO of GrowGlobal. Photo by Mark Lyndersay. BitDepth#1023 for January 12, 2016 “I went home on maternity leave and when I came back in 1998, the Internet had exploded,” said Sarah Carroll, her face still showing some of the surprise of that life change. Carroll had been working on brand and marketing […]

Meiling launches LiveInM

Above: Promotional image courtesy Meiling. Meiling Inc. today launched its Internet presence on LiveInM, a global expansion of the local designer’s brand. The Catalyst As is tradition, the customer remains at the center of all business decisions made at Meiling Inc. For years, our clients in the US and Canada have been clamouring for the brand […]

Dear future media house

BitDepth#1004 for September 01, 2015 Anyone creating or moving a publication online quickly discovers the challenge is not journalism, it’s money. Peter Drucker’s axiom regarding business holds true. Many decades ago the famed management consultant opined: “The business of business is business.” And that business is lubricated by money, or, more accurately, profit. Without profit, […]

Birds of T&T eStore introduced

Digital Business recently announced the Birds of Trinidad and Tobago eStore. Birds of Trinidad and Tobago’s online store provides prints and framed wall art taken by award winning photographers of Trinidad and Tobago: Mr. Quinten Questel and Mr. Roger Neckles. “Birds of Trinidad and Tobago allows everyone, both companies and citizens to take the beauty of […]

Jobs TT, a new online employment service

A new local company, JobsTT has launched online bringing a new approach to the world of online recruitment as the premier destination for Trinidad and Tobago’s Employers and Jobseekers seeking a better Return on Investment (ROI) and Career opportunities. Much more than just a job board, JobsTT.com offers recruiters a more powerful filtering using screening […]

We the publishers

BitDepth#939 for June 03 Normally, I’ve got just one answer. WordPress. The question tends to be some variation of “I really have to get my stuff on the web.” It might once have been possible to consider producing what’s now called a brochure website, a digital document that’s mastered once, published and left online untouched. […]