Magic Jack seller fined $5,000

Trinidad and Tobago’s Newsday reports on a court case that resulted in a fine for Abchan Enterprises of Salazar Trace in Point Fortin after the company was found guilty of selling Magic Jack devices.. In passing sentence, Magistrate Chankar commented to the representative of Abchan Enterprises Ltd, that he had breached the specifics of the […]

The vexing issue of OTT VoIP in the Caribbean

This opinion was originally published on Shiva Bissessar’ blog. It is reproduced here with the author’s permission. The Telecommunications Authority of Trinidad & Tobago (TATT) held their 21st ICT open forum on 18th June 2015 posing the question “Should Over The Top Services Be Regulated” to the three regulatory heads of the regional mobile providers […]

Talking Net Neutrality

BitDepth#951 for August 26 The Room 101 at UWI’s Engineering Building was surprisingly full for the discussion on Network Neutrality hosted by the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society (TTCS), the Internet Society Trinidad and Tobago Chapter (ISOC-TT) and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers Trinidad and Tobago Section (IEEE-TT). The room number was also […]

Wooding on Net Neutrality

Technologist Bevil Wooding writes about the importance of Net Neutrality… In general, it is always troubling when private firms place their profit-driven interests above larger societal good. When such interests, impact open access to the Internet, and all of its services, the ramifications can undermine economies and disempower whole sectors of society. Read his full […]

DigicelTT restores VOIP services

At 9:00pm on June 08, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago announced on its Facebook page that it was restoring access to blocked VoIP services. As of this posting, the company’s website had not been updated with this information. The company stated on its page that… Hey Facebook Fans. Effective July 09, Digicel is pleased to resume […]

The flap about VOIP

BitDepth#944 for July 08 Digicel Trinidad and Tobago quietly dropped a bomb on Saturday morning, with a notice on its website that “effective immediately, unlicensed VOIP services are blocked on its network.” The company named four specific services which had, in fact, been blocked hours before, Tango, Viber, Nimbuzz and Fring. Digicel had moved quickly […]


The following is a press release of the joint statement from the Trinidad and Tobago Computer Society, the Internet Society Trinidad and Tobago Chapter and the IEEE Trinidad and Tobago Section on Digicel’s Trinidad and Tobago’s  ban on Voice over IP services. On the 5th July, 2014, Digicel (Trinidad and Tobago) announced  that it will be blocking access to Voice over IP […]

Digicel explains VOIP position further

This afternoon, Digicel’s Communications Manager Penny Gomez responded for a request for clarification on the company’s recent decision to ban unlicensed VOIP services. That request was framed as four questions… Is the list of services on Digicel’s website conclusive and fulsome or will any “unlicensed” VOIP service be banned as well? Skype is the most […]

TSTT on VOIP ban (updated)

In response to a list of questions from TechNews T&T seeking TSTT’s position on voice over IP services on their network, the company issued this statement… In response to media enquiries, bmobile declines from offering any comment on Digicel’s decision to block VOIP service providers. It should be noted however that VOIP is an inescapable […]

Digicel bans VOIP in T&T

In a notice on its website dated Friday, July 05, 2014, Digicel Trinidad and Tobago announced that it was banning ‘unlicensed’ voice over IP (VOIP) operators from its network. Explaining the move, the notice said… Digicel is announcing that, effective immediately, unlicenced VOIP services are blocked on its network. Unlicenced VOIP operators like Viber and Nimbuzz use […]

Digicel Jamaica may ban ‘unlicensed’ VOIP services

Richard Browne reports in the Sunday Gleaner that Digicel is blocking “unlicensed VOIP services” in Haiti and considering doing the same in Jamaica. From the story… “Unlicensed VoIP operators like Viber and Nimbuzz use telecoms networks to deliver their services, but they do not pay any money for the privilege,” Antonia Graham, head of communications for the […]